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In addition to spreading blogs all over the internet, I am currently in various stages of writing two books. Both are inspired by my experience as the mother of a missing child. 


Dragons in the Garden is nonfiction, about the bravest thing any of us ever does, and that is to become a parent. Written as an intimate and sometimes humorous conversation with the reader, I tell Michaela’s story as background to the overreaching theme, which is how we can embrace love fully despite its risks. How can we be strong and brave, and teach our children to be these things? How can we keep our children safe, and make this world a better, safer place? How do we let our children go? How do we survive when loss does come? Where is God in all of this? And how do we prepare our children to let go of us, when that time comes? These conversations come from my experience as a mother, raising five children to adulthood, while suffering the loss of one, and my recent journey through Stage IIIC breast cancer.


Oceans on the Moon is a novel about the mother of a missing child and the daughter she had after her child’s kidnapping. Its theme is how we open our hearts to love again after a deep loss, and the synchronicity life grants us on our road to healing. These themes run through the lives of both the mother and the daughter, whose own life was so deeply impacted by the lost sister she never knew. A thread of suspense is also woven into this story, as the younger daughter also turns up missing, forcing the mother to relive her loss.


Octavia Wellness provides medical marijuana products to California residents. It is easy to sign up, and even to obtain your medical authorization right on the site. You can then have your products delivered to you without fuss by U.S. mail. Please search my blog under Octavia, ask me, or visit my website for more information.

For more information on any of these projects, please email me at sharon.murch@gmail.com. Thanks!


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