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dōTERRA essential oils have been an absolute adventure in wellness for me! From calming a fussy toddler on a long journey to treating radiation therapy burns, to just making life more fragrant and pleasant, I have fallen in love with these products. dōTERRA also has a full line of nutritional supplements, which incorporate the essential oils, as well as personal and household cleansing products. Please visit Seeker’s Road Essentials for more information, or to shop you can go directly to my dōTERRA website.


Octavia Wellness provides medical marijuana products to California residents. It is easy to sign up, and even to obtain your medical authorization right on the site. You can then have your products delivered to you discreetly by U.S. mail. Please search my blog under Octavia, ask me, or visit my website for more information.


In addition to spreading blogs all over the internet, I am currently in various stages of writing two books. Both are inspired by my experience as the mother of a missing child. Neither are memoirs of that event.

Dragons in the Garden is nonfiction, about the bravest thing any of us ever does, and that is to become a parent. It tells Michaela’s story as background, and discusses how we can embrace love in spite of its risks, how we can be strong and teach our children to be strong, how we can keep them safe, and make the world a better, safer place. It also talks about letting go of our children, trusting them and the world and our own resiliency, and teaching them to let go of us when the time comes that we have to leave this life. This book comes from my experience as the mother of five children, as well as my recent journey through Stage 3C breast cancer and the contemplation of my own death one near or far day.

Oceans on the Moon is a novel about the mother of a missing child and the daughter she had after her child’s kidnapping. Its theme is how we open our hearts to love again after a deep loss, and the synchronicity life grants us on our road to healing. It also incorporates suspense, as the younger daughter also ends up missing, through very different circumstances.

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