So what now?

I thought that if I found out that the bone discovered last summer was not Michaela's that it would be difficult. I thought that I would feel tired, like I was picking up a heavy load I had set aside for a moment, and setting back out on a long, hard journey. But it hasn't... Continue Reading →

More about the UAE….

Well, I'm feeling a bit like shaking this up. There are many things I know and kind of keep under wraps for various reasons. My main motivation always is to protect the integrity of the investigation. I almost added "at all costs" at the end of that sentence, but I think that is perhaps part... Continue Reading →

Looking for Michaela in the UAE

Michaela, do you remember this photo?I am putting it in this blog because it is one you would be familiar with.You would have seen it hanging on the wall in our house.Do you remember your little velvet dress with the autumn leaves?Remember, Michaela. Remember.I have said before that it is my promise to do whatever... Continue Reading →

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