Patreon, please?

I love the introductory video they show you when you sign up as an artist on Patreon. It points out what a¬†wonderful time we are living in, where artists of all types are free to create and to share their creations with the entire world through the internet and other modern technology. Remember back in... Continue Reading →

God could have left Job (and us) alone…

My dear friend Pastor David sent this video to me. It is extraordinarily powerful, and speaks to the questions in my previous blog so well.....May it speak to you as it has spoken to me. God could have left Job alone, by Bob Sorge.

Did God help you?

Just wanted to tell you, Michaela, that I haven't forgotten you. I have been struggling with some spiritual things lately, about God and who he is and whether he is good, and what I believe. I have been posting blogs about them in my other blog, at I used to post everything here, but... Continue Reading →

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