Happy Birthday, Michaela!

Tomorrow is Michaela's birthday. I have struggled mightily with what to do with this day since she has been gone. For some years, I had a group of friends who came to my house, and we would sit in a circle and remember Michaela. But time and tides ended that practice. For years after that... Continue Reading →

So many goodbyes….

Me and my mama.I have seen so many posts on Facebook by people whose mothers or fathers have died this week. Most of them were posted by people I don't really know, but there have been a couple I do. I am always shocked when I see these posts. The fact of death is just... Continue Reading →

What to do with sadness

So much of this blog is about the big sorrows, about loss and grief of a magnitude that shakes the earth and changes the topography of your life. But there are many sorrows in life, and different people have different abilities to cope. Someone I love was feeling one of the little sorrows today, just... Continue Reading →

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