Whodunit, or who didn’t done it

I get quite a few comments and emails from people who want to help solve Michaela's case. While I appreciate the sentiment, it is a pretty futile effort. Michaela's case is VAST. There were 5,000 leads called in during the first year alone, and they have continued to come in regularly for almost 28 years... Continue Reading →

In the news

Just wanted to let my readers know that you may see Michaela mentioned in connection with a story being released today. A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of some of the victims of the Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog (the Speedfreak Killers) against the investigating sheriff's department. The basis of the lawsuit is what... Continue Reading →

Good News!

The FBI had a press conference this morning in Sacramento, and I actually haven't had a chance to even watch the coverage of it myself because I've had so many reporters coming and going from my house. But the FBI has begun excavation of the second well that Shermantine had pointed out, which is very... Continue Reading →

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