Save the moms, save the children

Not too long ago, I was there to see the two people pictured above playing together, gathering to themselves all the love and joy that could be mustered, even in times and places that might make it challenging. They are my daughter and my grandson. I've always been cognizant, when the subject of abortion comes... Continue Reading →


Ramblings from my heating pad

Sorry I have not written in awhile. As I mentioned previously, there are some things going on in Michaela's case that I can't talk about until they are wrapped up, and for me it is often easier to say nothing in these times. But this morning I am stuck to my couch with a heating... Continue Reading →

Weddings and Babies, oh my!

Well, I guess I can now talk about some of what has been going on lately that has kept me so busy. This past week, my youngest daughter was married in Ashland, Oregon. It was a very small wedding, only the closest of family (and not all of those were able to make it to... Continue Reading →

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