What a week!

What is needed right here is a big eyes-crossed emoticon. But I'm too tired to find one, so you will have to make it up in your head. This has been one crazy week. On the bad side, my neck/shoulder pain has continued. I finally was able to figure out that it happens whenever pressure... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Michaela

Tomorrow you will be 38 years old, and we will be celebrating your birthday for the 29th time since you were taken away from me. I'm writing today, though, because I am restless today but may be tired tomorrow, since I am currently recovering from surgery.Last night I fell asleep for an hour or two,... Continue Reading →

Prayer for understanding

This is what I have been praying for lately. Understanding. As I wend my way once again through the verses of the Old Testament, I ask God, how am I to read this? What is this to mean for me? And also, what answers can I give to those who question you, your existence, your... Continue Reading →

I believe in God

I believe in God. Ultimately, this belief is a choice, but I have also had too much experience of God in my life, too many synchronicities, too many times I have had answers given dramatically and at just the right time and place to be able to effectively deny it. I believe in God because... Continue Reading →

Michaela’s prayer needs

Created by Thelma Mandera for the anniversaryof Michaela's kidnapping.I got a message on Facebook today from someone who said that she had looked for information about Michaela so that she could know how to pray for her. I was going to share with her my prayer for Michaela, when it occurred to me that perhaps... Continue Reading →

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