Fall brings many feels

This morning I had to turn the heat on in my home for one of the first times in many months. The feel of it warming the air brings with it those change of season feelings, like walking through streets filled with fallen leaves used to. Excuse me for a second, because even writing that... Continue Reading →

Moving again

My blog is moving once again, but I promise this time is the last time. I am placing all my scattered bogs and endeavors under one umbrella, so hopefully I won't have to put it through any more soul searching and switching in the future. My new website is Seeker's Road, and I hope you... Continue Reading →


  Still 'round the corner there may wait a┬ánew road or secret gate And though I oft have passed them by The day will come at last when I Will take the hidden paths that run West of the moon, east of the sun JRR Tolkien For those who don't know, I am in the... Continue Reading →

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