Catching Up….

Yes, I am still alive. I apologize because I have not written a blog for almost three months now, and I want to thank all of you who keep visiting anyway. This last summer was a difficult, stressful time. As you know from my last blog, it began with my dog Bella getting cancer and... Continue Reading →

So what now?

I thought that if I found out that the bone discovered last summer was not Michaela's that it would be difficult. I thought that I would feel tired, like I was picking up a heavy load I had set aside for a moment, and setting back out on a long, hard journey. But it hasn't... Continue Reading →

Update on investigation

Well, I talked to the investigators today, and got an update on the testing process. The bottom line is that it will take another four to six weeks to get an answer. There were a few snags in the procedure, just had to do with timing of things in the world. It was nobody's fault,... Continue Reading →

Looking for Michaela in the UAE

Michaela, do you remember this photo?I am putting it in this blog because it is one you would be familiar with.You would have seen it hanging on the wall in our house.Do you remember your little velvet dress with the autumn leaves?Remember, Michaela. Remember.I have said before that it is my promise to do whatever... Continue Reading →

The most recent lead

I would post my thoughts and feelings about this, but I am just honestly too tired tonight. So I will post a link to the article, because I know there are people who check here for the latest news on Michaela. will follow it up only by saying that this is far from the first... Continue Reading →

Never letting go …

There is much on my mind and heart that I want to share, and yet I will admit that I have been putting it off. But now the dishes are done, and the coffee pot is set for the morning. I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop, watching Bones out of the corner of... Continue Reading →

My attempts to bury my head in the sand

Okay, can I reiterate that this last year has been exceptionally difficult? I'm sure I've described it so many times already that nobody wants me to do it again. At the worst of it, I was seeing a therapist who suggested I take anti-depressants. I actually considered it, but ended up deciding against it. It's... Continue Reading →

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