Another dead end

For months now I have been walking around, looking and acting normal. But behind that normal was a knowledge and an anticipation that I couldn't share. Some months ago a site was was discovered where it was thought Michaela might have been buried. I'm not going to go into all the details, but a few... Continue Reading →

In case you were wondering….

We were finally able to complete the testing for the young lady who thought she might be Michaela, and she is not. I'm sure you figured that if she was you'd have heard it on the news, but I just wanted to let everybody know.Thanks.

Ramblings from my heating pad

Sorry I have not written in awhile. As I mentioned previously, there are some things going on in Michaela's case that I can't talk about until they are wrapped up, and for me it is often easier to say nothing in these times. But this morning I am stuck to my couch with a heating... Continue Reading →

What’s Up

Just a quick check-in here. First I want to report that the work on my book has finally taken off and is going very well. As I have mentioned, it is a novel, the story of a mother with two daughters, the oldest of whom was kidnapped. The older daughter is most definitely Michaela, although... Continue Reading →

Looking for Michaela in the UAE

Michaela, do you remember this photo?I am putting it in this blog because it is one you would be familiar with.You would have seen it hanging on the wall in our house.Do you remember your little velvet dress with the autumn leaves?Remember, Michaela. Remember.I have said before that it is my promise to do whatever... Continue Reading →

The most recent lead

I would post my thoughts and feelings about this, but I am just honestly too tired tonight. So I will post a link to the article, because I know there are people who check here for the latest news on Michaela. will follow it up only by saying that this is far from the first... Continue Reading →

Never letting go …

There is much on my mind and heart that I want to share, and yet I will admit that I have been putting it off. But now the dishes are done, and the coffee pot is set for the morning. I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop, watching Bones out of the corner of... Continue Reading →

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