Whodunit, or who didn’t done it

I get quite a few comments and emails from people who want to help solve Michaela's case. While I appreciate the sentiment, it is a pretty futile effort. Michaela's case is VAST. There were 5,000 leads called in during the first year alone, and they have continued to come in regularly for almost 28 years... Continue Reading →

In case you were wondering….

We were finally able to complete the testing for the young lady who thought she might be Michaela, and she is not. I'm sure you figured that if she was you'd have heard it on the news, but I just wanted to let everybody know.Thanks.

What’s Up

Just a quick check-in here. First I want to report that the work on my book has finally taken off and is going very well. As I have mentioned, it is a novel, the story of a mother with two daughters, the oldest of whom was kidnapped. The older daughter is most definitely Michaela, although... Continue Reading →

Good News!

The FBI had a press conference this morning in Sacramento, and I actually haven't had a chance to even watch the coverage of it myself because I've had so many reporters coming and going from my house. But the FBI has begun excavation of the second well that Shermantine had pointed out, which is very... Continue Reading →

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