Visions in scary places

I actually consider myself to be a painfully left brained person. I write, I draw, I paint, but I do it very realistically. I have not been able to break free of drawing from a photo or real life, and most of the writing I have done in my life has been logical, persuasive writing.... Continue Reading →

2019 Intention: FEARLESS

I have chosen the word to set my intention for 2019. FEARLESS. Now just give me a moment to pop an Ativan and I'll tell you all about it. I chose this word because I have started out this year a great big giant bundle of fear, and I'm done with it. I thought about... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it’s hard to see the road

Well, to follow up on my last blog, as you can see we have saved this domain name. Actually, my beautiful and talented daughter, Libby, saved it. Not to say she doesn't have IT smarts, but she also displayed a real intuitive gift in coming up with the unknown administrative account name. So presumably the... Continue Reading →

Love and Fear

Last week, Michaela, I was at church and someone told me she had been praying for me, for us, for years. She said that she had prayed I would receive the answers I need.That statement kept coming back to me during the week, like there was something in it for me to figure out, and... Continue Reading →

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