Where was God when Michaela was kidnapped?

          This was originally posted on my Dear Michaela blog, under the title of Good God, bad God, or no God? Someone reposted it on Facebook today, which caused me to go back and re-read it, which caused me to want to repost it. There is nothing here that is not... Continue Reading →

What a week!

What is needed right here is a big eyes-crossed emoticon. But I'm too tired to find one, so you will have to make it up in your head. This has been one crazy week. On the bad side, my neck/shoulder pain has continued. I finally was able to figure out that it happens whenever pressure... Continue Reading →


I do what I am supposed to do. I read the Book, so that I can know God. My reading schedule has taken me recently through Deuteronomy and Joshua. Their contents is not a surprise to me, but it is something I probably try to forget, to close my eyes to when it's not right... Continue Reading →

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