Dream Last Night

I had my normal sort of wandering dream last night, always seem to be moving, looking for something, trying to get somewhere. But last night I dreamed about a very, very old friend of mine, who I lost track of long ago. In the dream she had been kidnapped and had been gone for years... Continue Reading →

Michaela dream

I had a dream last night that the case was on the verge of being solved, that there were several very strong possibilities. And in the middle of it, three women came to my house. Two of them were islanders of some sort, and one was a blonde woman, and they said she was Michaela.... Continue Reading →

Roller Coaster Dreams

I don't remember my dreams often, and when I do it is generally just snapshots. There is a common thread that winds through my dreams of traveling, of going somewhere. There is even a kind of a common landscape to my travels. It is a very pretty landscape, actually -- bright and colorful cities and... Continue Reading →

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