30th Anniversary of Michaela’s Kidnapping: advice, please?

I was talking today with some people about the fact that the 30th anniversary of Michaela's kidnapping is coming up in just a few month. I talked to at least one person who lives out of state who is thinking about coming this year, and it has me thinking about changing things up a bit.... Continue Reading →


Status of the Investigation

I'm happy to say that there continue to be new people learning about Michaela's story on a regular basis, or people who have not been reading my blogs for a long time anyway. One of the things these people are always concerned about is getting people to come forward with information. This is a logical... Continue Reading →

Fall brings many feels

This morning I had to turn the heat on in my home for one of the first times in many months. The feel of it warming the air brings with it those change of season feelings, like walking through streets filled with fallen leaves used to. Excuse me for a second, because even writing that... Continue Reading →

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