Keeping your kids safe

After my daughter was kidnapped, I received many requests to speak to groups of parents or children on the subject of child safety. I always kind of wondered about this, because I had failed to keep my daughter safe. Whatsmore, in Michaela's particular circumstances, there would have been nothing I could have done differently, except... Continue Reading →

I’d know you anywhere all probably know that I love to read books about missing kids, and you know I only halfheartedly recommend most of them, but this latest one that I read was really good, and really thought-provoking. I have posted a couple of quotes from it on my facebook -- not even necessarily because I agreed... Continue Reading →

Jaycee, Michaela and Child Safety

Sorry, but I can't stop writing. It's what I do, and it's therapeutic for me. This is all speculation, but my mind just keeps running around and around in circles. I have been thinking about Jaycee, and about whether or not the people who abducted her might have been involved in Michaela's kidnapping. I know... Continue Reading →

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