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When words started failing me, I returned to art, which I had not indulged in since I graduated from high school, and believe me that is a long time ago! I took a drawing class at our local college and loved it.

Not long ago, my dog had some medical needs which were very costly, so I posted on my facebook that I would do portraits by commission as a way of earning money. I offer a really good deal. I have no set price. I do the drawing, and send it to the person who commissioned it, and they pay whatever amount they want for the picture, depending on how much they like the finished portrait, and also on what they can afford.

If you are interested in a portrait, please email me at, with the subject matter Artwork Request. Include a clear copy of the photo you would like me to draw, and any particular details you would like considered, or other special requests. For example, I have drawn rainbow eyes instead of natural eye color for some. I will email you back with questions about your preferences on anything I see that needs to be covered. I can also do black and white drawings.

Here are some samples of my portraits and artwork.



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