Michaela’s poem

A week before Michaela was kidnapped I woke up early. It was about 5:30, still dark outside, and I was surprised to find Michaela sitting at the coffee table in the living room, with a piece of paper and a pencil in front of her.

“Mom,” she said, holding the paper out to me, “I wrote a poem. Do you want to read it?” Of course I did. I took the page from her, read it. I put down the baby I was holding and sat down. This was an astounding poem for a nine-year old girl to have written:

The people knock on doors of steel
The people knock, the people kneel
They think of things that aren’t real
Outside those doors of steel
The people walk, the people know
That outside those doors, the people know
The people think that you may say
The people think that they, too, may
They lack the confidence you have
They think it’s real,
The dreams you have,
The dreams they feel

Michaela went on to explain to me that she’d been awakened by noises in our attic. She said that there were people who had been kidnapped, who were being held captive in our attic.  “You know,” she said, “like in the movie The Peanut Butter Solution.” She was referring to a children’s movie which was about a crazy artist who kidnapped people and used a peanut butter solution to make their hair grow quickly. He then cut off their hair and used it to make magic paintbrushes which painted pictures that came to life, that you could actually walk into.

As impressed as I was with this poem, I was also just a little concerned about it as well. It just didn’t seem like something that would come from a nine-year old. Over the course of the next few days, I kept probing bit by bit to try to find out more about it. At one point I asked Michaela if she was one of the people behind the doors of steel. “No, mom,” she said smiling easily, “I am not one of the people behind the doors of steel.”

A week later, though, she did become one of the people who had been kidnapped, and I think yes, one of the people behind the doors of steel. In the years since Michaela has been gone, I have come to believe that this could be nothing less than a premonition of sorts. I have searched its words for clues as to what happened to Michaela, but I have yet to put that puzzle together. The only thing I keep coming back to is that she said it was about people who had been kidnapped and were being held captive. She didn’t say it was about people who had been murdered. If this was a premonition, then, or a message that Michaela left behind, a clue, it would mean that she is still alive.

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  1. Hi Sharon,Thanks for sharing this poem. I've always believed Michaela will be found and I will always have hope for her and all of your family. I believe with you that she is still alive. I pray that God will move on whoever or all the people who know and are involved. I pray that they cannot rest or sleep until they come forword with the truth about Michaela.You encourage me so much because you seem like such a strong woman even though you've been through more than anyone should ever have to go through. My heart goes out to you and your family and hurts for all of you so much.Love and Continued Prayers alwaysfrom Thelma Mandera


  2. Please know this – that very many people around the world who have not even met you, have shed your tears and maybe felt a bit of your pain. We love you and love Michaela.


  3. The poem and the unusual time it was written (she was disturbed about something, and couldn't sleep) suggests she was being followed or stalked, and she saw someone kneeling by a car. There was someone on the web or YouTube that said Michaela and her friend frequently went to the same market. Other children in the area must have been approached or seen something. I hope you talk to all of them. They might have been too frightened to speak up at that young age.


  4. I disagree completely. If she'd been followed or stalked she would have said so, and the fact is that we know that she was not specifically targeted. The poem was a premonition. And it was also not true that she went to the market frequently. She had been there perhaps four times total.


  5. The people knock on doors of steelThe people knock, the people kneel(The doors of steel, as in the walls of separation. The people who love her and those of us who follow this case are knocking – looking for Michaela, trying to discover the truth. They kneel – crying or praying.)They think of things that aren't realOutside those doors of steel(The people imagine various untrue scenarios of what happened or what is happening.)The people walk, the people knowThat outside those doors, the people know(The people walk i.e. go on with their lives, knowing there are people in this world who do know the truth. Or maybe it means there is more than one person involved, and these guilty ones know that some others are also in the know.)The people think that you may sayThe people think that they, too, may(This could mean that innocent people are hoping to say something that will help in the investigation, or that someday you will make an announcement. Or…this could be referring to the kidnapper and another guilty partner who are afraid of what you might “say” to investigators or to the public, and these people, or others in the know, are wavering and think either of them may at some point finally say what they know.)They lack the confidence you have(But all of them are afraid to come forward? Or this could be referring to the people who have lost hope.)They think it's real,The dreams you have,The dreams they feel(Those who follow this case, or maybe those with information, share your dreams and hope.)Just wanted to share what I gleaned from Michaela's poem. The only way I can make sense of it is to go back and forth between the two groups of people at different points. I am probably way off. No need to post, and sorry if I offend.


  6. Anonymous,Your interpretation of Michaela's poem is amazing! It makes perfect sense to me. I'm amazed at Michaela's skill for her age, but I believe in premonitions and that a premonition possibly helped her write this. To leave the two poems is such a gift for Sharon. As if Michaela was saying, “I'm ok. I'm not afraid ” and ” goodbye”, to her mom. What a gift.


  7. Sharon Murch I hope you find your daughter Michaela I will pray every night so that god could help her find her way home


  8. You are an amazing Mom. To send Michaela a message of hope and try to remove any fear someone would have in this situation. Still raising your other children to know and love her and going on but not giving up. If I was still out there in this position and I got to see this. I would come home no matter what if i could. God Speed to you all.


  9. your welcome Sharon murch I feel bad if jaycee lee dugard can come home after 18 years. Michaela can come home after 24 years. Don't lose faith in god because he will help you find her


  10. It's nice to see you still fighting to find Michaela and not giving up hope. Some many missing people are probably assumed dead and forgotten after so many years. See is/was the cutest little girl. I hope you will find her soon. AL


  11. Hello,I'm a 34 father of two; a soon-to-be five-year old daughter and a 19month old son. When I first saw/heard about this incident back in 1988, I was only nine-years old. However, the news hit me especially hard, as I came to realize something something this disgusting could happen. Fast-forward to today, and my heart still hangs heavy everytime I hear/read about this. I think about my daughter and all the “what ifs,” and even as a strong man I am scared about what can happen. I am glad to see that you are a strong woman, and that you have such a strong fighting spirit. I sincerely hope we all find a good closure to this. Taylor


  12. Wow, this is the first time I heard about this case. Has it ever been on Dateline or 20/20 to try and spark new leads, witnesses and such? My heart hurts for you and the whole family. When I look at her picture, there is so much life and I hope she comes home. I hope she is found safe. 2014 is a new year of hope and promise. I have a 20yr old Vivian, she lives in Texas while we are in Cali…a 9yr old daughter, Ava Jane and a 8yr old boy Seanie. I worry about all their day to day lives and safety. I wish we lived in a fully safe world… I wish we could allow our kids to play and not be afraid of what can be out there. Bliss and safety… Just not in the cards for our world just yet… but hopefully someday… Praying for you and the family. Take care.


  13. Michaela's story has been on Dateline, as well as hundreds of other shows I from America's Most Wanted to Nancy Grace, all the major networks and in print internationally. Her story was even on Oprah.


  14. Hi Sharon,Some dream interpreters believe the people in our dreams are all ourselves-parts of us. If the poem represents her dream, Mikayla will remain confident, and the poem suggests she will 'tell', and also that her confidence wards off believing the lies she has been told from her kidnappers-perhaps about her family or even wards off believing threats of harm will come to her or her family, should she not cooperate. I think the poem is a warning. The attic – as she referenced, is a symbol of the unconscious, and fears, and higher self awareness.Like you, I don't see anything about death in her premonition. I keep hoping to hear great news about MIkayla. Keep your hope held high. You do have a lot of supporters for when the burden gets too heavy. Keep blogging, so we know when you need extra support, comfort, internet love and kindness, and warming spiritual blessings sent your way..


  15. Wow… how a 9-year-old can have been so creative… That is a creative poem. It would be heart-warming to know other things about Michaela. What was her nature? Of all her siblings, who was she closest with? What were her hobbies and what did she like doing? Was she good at school? Do you still see her as that little girl sunshine? Are you able to see her in your mind growing old?You've been missing so many years without Michaela but you must remember all that time you two had together. If God allows, I'm sure you'll get all that time back WITH her – touching her and talking to her. Or in other case, when comes the time to go. I got to be honest, I've been thinking about her often since I started reading this blog. Is she alive, i she okay, is her kidnapper deceased or in prison for some other crime? Well, who knows. God does, and perhaps some person on this Earth, too. Keep waiting and praying and reaching, and Michaela will return to you one way or another. Blessings. (and I must apologize for my bad English.)


  16. I want to share my perspective of this .. here's what I think .. I agree that being up that early is prob a little out of character for michaela like you stated you were surprised she was up that early .. I think in her poem not only is she aware that people can be kidnapped and it can happen to anyone she's also giving clues and I think even though she didn't know she was going to be kidnapped she has left clues unknowing … it happened a week later could there be any leads in regards to this poem?i can't help but realy realy wonder also this is very very smartly written by a child the age of 9 that's very young and she's using adult words and putting sentences together perfectly that it seems like it can lead to where she is or what may have happened but I have always believed that she is Alive and to this day those are still my beliefs ..


  17. The people knock on doors of steelThe people knock, the people kneel(The doors of steel, as in the walls of separation. The people who love her and those of us who follow this case are knocking – looking for Michaela, trying to discover the truth. They kneel – crying or praying.)As horrible as it is I almost think of kneeling being tied up maybe in a trafficking ring…


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