2018, Let's be (mostly) honest

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That state of the Investigation

Sorry to do this to you, but the blog entry about the status of the investigation can be found at Seeker's Road, link: https://seekersroad.com/2017/12/04/status-of-the-investigation/Thank you.And Michaela, this excerpt is for you: Honestly, I have come to the point of being able to live with this, with the eternally unsolved crime. I have never felt this driving need... Continue Reading →

You will always bring me joy

Introducing Jamie and Libby, as husband and wife.As I have done over the years, Michaela, I want to keep you updated with family news. I wonder sometimes about it, about whether seeing the family in happy occasions might make you sad. That is not the kind of person I know you to be. The Michaela... Continue Reading →

Last chemotherapy treatment

I had my last chemotherapy treatment today. I made it through 20 long weeks! The staff and my nurses at Epic Care were wonderful, as always. As I finished my infusion they came out with pompoms and an award and gave me a cheer. It was embarrassing, but fun! The woman sitting next to me... Continue Reading →

Coming to life!

While on the outside these are kind of scary days when many things in my life are uncertain, on the inside I feel like something is coming alive in me. It is like a bubbling up inside of me of joy and excitement. Only people who have followed my blogs for a long time are... Continue Reading →

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