2019 Intention: FEARLESS

I have chosen the word to set my intention for 2019. FEARLESS. Now just give me a moment to pop an Ativan and I'll tell you all about it. I chose this word because I have started out this year a great big giant bundle of fear, and I'm done with it. I thought about... Continue Reading →

Patreon, please?

I love the introductory video they show you when you sign up as an artist on Patreon. It points out what a¬†wonderful time we are living in, where artists of all types are free to create and to share their creations with the entire world through the internet and other modern technology. Remember back in... Continue Reading →

Ads on Site

Hey guys. I received a private message yesterday from someone who said she had been reading my blog for years, but that recently ads had popped up all over it and it was ruining her reading experience. Well, as you may recall, I have mentioned that I wasn't working when I was diagnosed with cancer.... Continue Reading →

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