Okay God, what do you want from me now? (or, Everything Happens for a Reason, Part 1)

I got my official notification from the Department of Motor Vehicles yesterday. My driving privileges have been suspended, because my medical information was negative. It's not that I hadn't expected it, but I guess I had also expected an end date, like, we will review this on July 1st, or something like that. But it... Continue Reading →


He is Risen. I think.

Happy Day After Easter, everyone! So I know I wrote this blog disavowing my faith last week, but shortly afterwards I became enamored, perhaps even obsessed, with this song.   It is, of course, about God's love for us, which is so reckless that even when we make ourselves his foe, he chases us down.... Continue Reading →

It’s so good to be loved

I had the most interesting experience this week. I passed out in my house and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. I'd been to the zoo that day, with my daughter, my son and his wife, and my two grandchildren. All day I'd felt kind of weak in the knees and shaky,... Continue Reading →

Updates on life and faith

Somebody commented this morning that it has been a month since my last update. I have been waiting for my eight-week checkup to update, but that was supposed to have been today and I didn't make an appointment. Physically, I have had some odd things going on that concern me. I have a red spot... Continue Reading →

2018, Let’s be (mostly) honest

Let's not mince words: 2017 was a shitty year. Well, not altogether I guess. Chemotherapy was very restful! So many days of napping! That is really a perfect picture for 2017. It was filled with curses that had their blessings, as well as blessings that occasionally felt like curses. It was kind of like all... Continue Reading →

The presence of God

I finally made it to church today. It's been awhile, for a multitude of reasons, including hiding away due to chemo, being too tired, and blah blah blah. Most of the reason has had to do with spiritual confusion however. I can't deny it, I am a wanderer. I have been one for so long... Continue Reading →

I believe God exists

One of my blogs is about to be deleted. In the interest of saving it, I am copying some of my previous posts into this blog. This post was from November 5, 2015.  I believe in God. Ultimately, this belief is a choice, but I have also had too much experience of God in my... Continue Reading →

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