Waiting games

I sit reading, and while I read, my fingers run across my neck, then down across my collarbone. This is a subconscious habit of mine, it seems, and a fortunate one. A few days ago, though, as I was doing this it suddenly struck me, I am caressing my cancer! I was really kind of... Continue Reading →

Visions in scary places

I actually consider myself to be a painfully left brained person. I write, I draw, I paint, but I do it very realistically. I have not been able to break free of drawing from a photo or real life, and most of the writing I have done in my life has been logical, persuasive writing.... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who has been brave enough to take on this most important, most joyful, most heartbreaking job in the world. We actually celebrated yesterday, because that was the day when all of us were able to be together. The photo above is actually of the flowers my grandson gave... Continue Reading →

What I Am NOT Looking For

Spring has sprung here in Iowa. They say it's nice to live in a place with four seasons, and here you can have all four of them in a couple of weeks. We actually had an early spring, and beautiful little flowers started growing in our yard. They were like hope. But then the snow... Continue Reading →

Love in the time of Coronavirus

I have been trying to write a blog entry for awhile now, but it has been really hard. These are some crazy times we live in. Not just crazy, actually. They are downright unbelievable. I sometimes do something else, watch a TV series or whatever, and get caught up in it, and then I come back to... Continue Reading →

The water tower

We have made it to our new home in Iowa, and I really love it! I am not happy, because the truck with all our belongings is "weather delayed." Or at least that is what it said yesterday. Today it says to call them. Praying for the best, and for the truck to get here... Continue Reading →

Goodbye house

Goodbye, house. You have been a part of my life for many decades, and you are filled to overflowing with memories. Many sweet memories, but also many sad memories, bittersweet memories, and other memories that are just bitter. You have held my fears, my sorrow. You have comforted me through a battle against cancer, and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Michaela

I woke up a little before 6:00 this morning. Life has been busy and crazy lately, because we are moving next week, and it has kept me blessedly distracted. But my first thought this morning was of you, and of that day so many years ago when I first held you in my arms. I've... Continue Reading →

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