The water tower

We have made it to our new home in Iowa, and I really love it! I am not happy, because the truck with all our belongings is “weather delayed.” Or at least that is what it said yesterday. Today it says to call them. Praying for the best, and for the truck to get here soon. Highway 80 in Colorado has been closed in stretches since before we came through. We have had to go out and get a lot of temporary comfort things, like air beds and kitchenware, and a few chairs.

I really love our new house! It is ninety years old, although it has some newer additions. So it has some character. It is bigger than our old house. And the view outside the back windows and from the deck is just gorgeous. Right now it’s a bowl of snow, with lots of winter trees, and the bowl is circled by some nice houses with decks facing into it. It makes me feel like I am in a winter vacation villa.

One thing I can’t help coming back to in our back yard view, however, is that there is a large water tower in the bowl to the right, which you can see through the trees in the photo above. I know this is crazy, but there was one feature that seemed to run through the messages I received from the psychics who have contacted me over the years about Michaela, and that is a water tower. They saw her near a water tower. Of course, I thought that meant she had been taken to a place near a water tower, or buried in a place near a water tower, but now I can’t help but think, maybe it was this water tower they saw. Maybe they saw her near a water tower, but they were seeing where she would come home to. Because, well, because that is just how I think. In the few cases of missing children (or other crimes) where psychics have contributed accurate information, it has been pictures that were correct, rather than their interpretations of the pictures. For example, one little girl from Sacramento was missing, and a psychic said that she thought she was dead, because she saw her underground, wrapped in a blue blanket. When she was found, she was underground and she was wrapped in a blue blanket, but she was not dead. She was very much alive, in a church basement.

I’m not making anything of this. I’m not thinking that this is true, that it means Michaela is coming home. I just never think those thoughts anymore. After 31 years, I am not expecting Michaela to come home. But my eyes are drawn to the water tower nonetheless, and it keeps Michaela uppermost in my mind as surely as the familiar streets of Hayward did. Because, you know, wherever you go, there you are.

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  1. I love your beautiful mind Sharon, thank you for sharing your life so beautifully with all of us, I’m praying you and your family always receive the best that anyone has to give while you move forward with this new journey ❤️

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    1. That’s a beautiful picture Sharon, I love to eat snow every time I see it in a picture I crave it so much. I wish you the best with your new home and hopefully all your belongings arrive soon. Those trees are great to tie ribbons on for Michaela hopefully you get some answers to this 31 years old mystery if Michaela doesn’t come home hopefully this mystery cracks wide open so that at least you know what happened to your daughter.


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  2. Good morning Sharon. Hope you are well? I have been thinking of the water tower ever since I read this post hopefully it brings the answer to what happened to sweet Michaela. I have been thinking of something lately I hope you don’t mind me suggesting something can you publicize Michaela’s case in Mexico? like channels that air in Mexico may be some fliers in Spanish if Michaela was taken to Mexico after her abduction some one knows something may be it will jogg their memory. I hope you don’t mind Sharon I really truly from the bottom of my heart pray for answers.



  3. So frustrating. Is there more information pertaining to what happened to Michaela that psychics have information to you about? Besides seeing a water tower, There has to be more than just that. You have eyewitnesses and the car description.


  4. Don’t all psychics have the key piece of information about Michaela? Psychics predict the future. Hayward Police need to solve your daughters case. Can you please share with us more info about Michaela’s leads. insanely ridiculous this has gone on for you for 30 years.


    1. That is a huge assumption about psychics, and of course it is not accurate or there would be no missing children. I have kept blogs about Michaela for 11 years and you are welcome to go back and read them, but I’m not going to rehash the case yet again. And unless they have been in the media for some other reason I don’t share them at all in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation.


      1. Thank you Mrs. Murch! I meant absolutely no disrespect. Love your blog!! ❤ And Maybe this water tower vision thing is actually correct and was a actual reality for Michaela, It’s completely possible all of these psychics were correct about a water tower. Who knows. Maybe it’s factual information.


  5. I pray and hope that what the psychic predicted about the water tower is true and Michaela miraculously shows up this year anything
    and every thing is possible. Like Gerald I feel like Michael’s case has gone unsolved for a very long time it’s really frustrating. Really truly from the bottom of my heart I wish I can do something for Michaela to help find her. But one thing I have been doing is sharing her story with people her in southern California so they can love her and pray for her and her beautiful mother Sharon. As always I wish for the very best for Michaela and her beautiful mother Sharon. I promise if I every go to northern California I will take some beautiful ribbons to tie on the tree at the market parking lot. Michaela is very much loved and remembered by complete strangers from all around the world.


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