Do you want to know Michaela’s story, but don’t want to read years worth of blogs?


A follower of Michaela’s Facebook page recently told me about a video blogger who had done a story on Michaela. Not sure how these things happen without me hearing about them, but I’m glad I found out about this one. Danelle Hallan did a great job. She did a huge amount of research and was almost completely accurate, but most of all she was very compassionate and understanding. She does a good job of going through the history and major leads on the case. The only real error I saw was that she said when Tim Bindner came to my house the day of Michaela’s kidnapping, that I said he didn’t look like someone who had just kidnapped a child. I agree with her, there is no way to tell what someone who just kidnapped a child would look like! What I actually said is that he did not look anything like the description of our kidnapper. The other thing that didn’t quite come across is that I believe that the answer to what happened to Michaela is in the massive avalanche of leads in the possession of the Hayward Police Department. It’s just kind of like the proverbial needle in the haystack, with never the time or resources to examine each piece of hay looking for it.

But overall a really excellent summary of Michaela’s case, if you don’t want to read through all the years of entries on my Dear Michaela blog.


4 thoughts on “Do you want to know Michaela’s story, but don’t want to read years worth of blogs?

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    1. No, unfortunately. The information is too sensitive to put in the hands of volunteers. I know they had been working on putting all leads in the computer. Not sure if they finished.


  1. Sharon, is it possible that we could start a fundraiser for the search? To make this a priority? I know that people will donate, and if Danelle Hallan advertises it or something similar, it will get traction.


    1. We aren’t really in s position where that would help at the moment. The information is too massive. We do have a couple of private investigator’s working at it from two different directions, but are not charging.


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