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Hey guys. I received a private message yesterday from someone who said she had been reading my blog for years, but that recently ads had popped up all over it and it was ruining her reading experience.

Well, as you may recall, I have mentioned that I wasn’t working when I was diagnosed with cancer. Since that time I was always undergoing treatment, or about to undergo surgery (in fact I have the fifth and hopefully next-to-last surgery coming up later this month or next month). THEN I went and had that really crazy seizure and I have been ordered not to drive. I will see the neurologist next week and get a date on this prohibition I think, but in the meantime I am kind of housebound. I live on top of a steep hill and there is no public transportation that comes up here. Every time I have thought, okay, now I can get a job, something has happened to keep me home. I’m beginning to think maybe God actually wants me here. I mean, the dominos have kept falling in that direction, on at a time, each at exactly the right time. It has come to feel like a little more than a coincidence.

Not being able to drive is, believe me, a real hardship. Having to get someone to drive me somewhere whenever I need something is challenging, and it goes against my personality to have to ask for help. I have also developed a real desire to go to church, and no way to get there. My husband would take me, maybe even go with me, but he works on Sunday mornings. I have checked Uber (well, Lyft actually) and its cost is prohibitive.

Anyway, the whole point is that I have a need to make some money from home. I have tried direct sales, or MLM, or whatever you want to call it, and I have failed miserably. I have seen that some people have been making money from their blogs, and I thought maybe I could. Some use ads and also use Patreon (where people support artists of various sorts, including writers, with either a monthly pledge, or a pledge per “thing” produced). I have not set up a Patreon because, well just because. But I just clicked a few buttons on WordPress and allowed them to put ads on my page, and hoped for the best. So far they are LOUSY ADS! They seem to be ads for WordPress itself, and for Qatar Airlines! I’m not holding out hope for this ad placement to help pay the mortgage, so I’ll see how it goes. If it is obnoxious and doesn’t help, I will remove them. On the other hand, it’s possible I might get some different sorts of ads.

I am really sad if these things offend my readers. For those of you who have said they would lay out a couple of dollars for my books, if you see anything in the ads you might be able to use and you click on them, maybe I will be able to just continue pouring it all out for free on this blog. In fact, the next blog that I have planned is taken from the final chapter of my book which I drafted awhile back, just because it’s something important I feel I need to say while I am trying to figure out what are all the other important things I need to add to it.

So let me know, please, if you find these ads to be too obnoxious. But in the meantime, I hope you will understand. I love to support artists of all sorts. Yesterday I went to Silicon Valley Comic Con (“preview” day, $20 admission if purchased ahead of time, for three hours admission). I saw so many artists, particularly authors, and I wanted to buy something from each and every one of them, whether I wanted to read it or not. I know the heart they put into their creations, and I also know they pay a fortune for a book at Comic Con (my daughter said it was $1500 for a six foot table). Not being able to do that really sucked!

But in other news, just for fun, my daughter dyed my hair lavender. 🙂 Photo above!

Thanks everybody. And remember, be wise, be kind, and make good decisions. (And help keep me straight on those also.) And remember, you are loved.


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  1. Hi Sharon,
    The ads don’t bother me and I completely understand why they’re here. I see ads for ‘word ads’, a financial group, and an insurance ad. Not too cumbersome. I hope you are doing well and thank you for you blog. Love and hugs for you, Michaela, and your whole family. Oh, and I love your lavender hair!

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