Dream about Michaela

I do not ever dream about Michaela. But last night I had a dream that touched me deeply. It was odd, and Michaela was both herself and not herself, and the circumstances were different and odd, but it filled my heart.

In the dream, I was running around town and I got a call from my younger daughter telling me that Michaela was missing. In the dream, I already had a missing child. When I went home and was trying to make up missing notices to post on the internet, I noted that it seemed unbelievable to have this happen twice, and I already had police officers and contacts with media people.

Then just a short time later, the same day, Michaela came home. She walked into the house and I saw her. I saw her face, and she was older, late teens or early twenties. Her hair was somewhat darker, but still blonde. She had a beautiful, slightly sheepish smile because of the worry she had caused. She said she had gotten locked into a laundromat and hadn’t been able to get out until now.

But it was the feeling of seeing her that was so striking. I thought I would never see her beautiful face again, and there she was, and I drank her in, and I held her in my arms. I kept trying to take photographs of her, but for some reason I kept fumbling and not getting the pictures. Michaela went on about her life, happy and beautiful and kind.

I went down to some docks later in the dream. I wanted to walk out to the end and just sit there. The docks were right across the Bay from San Francisco (earlier I had been in a parking structure there trying to take a photo of the city all golden in the sunset). I don’t know what the significance of that is, but it stood out.

That’s about all there was to it, but I woke up with the sweetest, saddest feeling. To have seen my daughter’s face again, to have held her in my arms. To know she was okay.

Michaela. Her name a breath, a sigh.

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  1. Dear, Sharon
    What a lovely dream you had about Michaela. May be your message has some how reached her, I have learned that life is full of surprises you never know what could be unfolding in her almost 3 decades cold case. Jaycee Dugard and her mother were thinking of each other while looking at the moon the night before Jaycee was found. I remember reading about how Michaela wrote a poem I believe about a dream she had days before her kidnapping about people who were kidnapped and locked up. May be she is trying to reach out to you. I pray that you get to see your baby girl and hold her in your arms forever.



  2. May God Bless you every single day with love, peace and comfort.
    I have thought about Michaela so many times over the years. Always saying prayers for her, for you.
    I sincerely hope you will find answers to your questions one day.


  3. I believe dreams have meanings. Have you got the dream interpreted? It would be interesting to do. Maybe there are meant to be some comforts in your dream. I hope and pray so. Your writing is so meaningful. It touches my heart. Thank you for sharing so much. Positive thoughts and prayers going your way and Michaela’s and to 💕your family


  4. Dear, Sharon
    Hello, Sharon hope you are doing well. Was this your first time in 29 years that you saw Michaela in a dream? Being a mother myself I can’t imagine going through this for one day, my son is a November baby he is one year older than Theo, He was born on November 28th, and every November I think about you and Michaela every day. Your first born baby gives you such special feeling of becoming a mother.


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  5. Wow, I just found out about this site. Although I only am 15, I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. Having your child snatched up and never heard from again, I am extremely sorry. Reading this and the case on the fbi website I felt a chill in my spine. One of the most things I’ve read. I seriously do hope you a great year and hope you the very best. Never give up hope.


  6. Dear, Sharon
    As soon as I woke up this morning, I noticed the date on my calendar is January 24th a very special day in your life. The day you became a mother for the first time sweet Michaela came into your live for a sweet short 9 years. Happy birthday 🎁🎉🎂🎈 Michaela.


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