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I just want to let you know there is a new post, a Dear Michaela letter, on my blog at I am recovering from the flu and preparing for surgery next week, so please bear with me and visit the link below.


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  1. Dear, Sharon Hello. Sharon happy new year and congratulations on the arrival of the new baby. Good luck with your surgery.May this year be the year that all your prayers, wishes and dreams come true. You are truly a strong woman just like my mother Sharon.Sincerely,Zahra


  2. Zahra, thank you, and thank you for being a follower of this blog for a long time and for all your comments. Just wondering why you do not leave them on the actual blogs on the Seeker's Road website?


  3. Dear, Sharon How do I do it ? I will keep you in my prayers as always for your up coming surgery. I love reading your blogs I check it at least once a day. This summer I was up north for like 3 days and one of the places on my list of places to visit was Michaela’s kidnapping site. The minute I laid my eyes on the tree the first ribbon I saw was from Mom to Michaela I just couldn’t hold my tears 😭 back. I could feel that motherly love. And I could feel that innocent nine year old losing her happy childhood and just being snatched from her family. Sincerely,Zahra


  4. I'm pretty sure there should be a place to click on to leave comments at the end of the posts, just like there is here. I've left comments on a lot of WordPress blogs! I just want to keep as much as I can on that blog. I have continual problems with Google, which owns blogspot, which is what this blog is hosted on. I fear one day it will disappear. 😦 WordPress is much friendlier!


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