Seeker’s Road

As I have mentioned before, I have moved my writing to a new blog location, I have done this for a number of reasons, but it has had one really huge benefit. It had become difficult to write here, on the Dear Michaela blog. There had been nothing going on in the case that I could talk about, and I was sure I had said just about everything there was to say, right here. So I’d been silent a great deal of the time.

Since moving my blogging to the new website, I have not felt that constraint of repeating myself. I have felt free to write it all again, and again. Sometimes I know I am quoting my own exact words back in this new blog, and maybe everyone will have read them, but maybe they won’t have. At any rate, it has freed me again to talk about Michaela, and also given me the freedom to talk about other things that I just didn’t think belonged in Dear Michaela.

So I hope you will visit. I have and will post excerpts from some of my newer blog entries here, with links to the full blogs, but not all. So please visit:

There is also a link in the list of blog pages here in case you forget.
Thank you so much,
Michaela’s mom

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  1. Ive been silent for so long But im always here Reading hoping praying. Your family is so beautiful, have you lost Weight Sharon?? You look so marvelous. Sorry if My mobile spells wrong, it also wants to put in Swedish words that is Why all the big letters.I send you all My best and my Love from Sweden. Hugs Åsa in Sweden


  2. Dear, Sharon Hello, Sharon hope you are doing well? How many children do you have? And how many girls including lovely Michaela?? This picture looks adorable and it will look even more gorgeous when Michaela joins you guys? Sincerely,Zahra


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