Love you forever, Michaela

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  1. My heart aches when I read what you are going through and have to endure every day. I am sure you have heard this plenty but I cannot imagine what it must be like to have someone, especially a child, go missing for 28 years. Just know that as a person, as a real live person, there are other real live people out here thinking of you and Michaela and waiting for some kind of closure for you both. I myself am only 23 and was not even alive yet when Michaela was so wrongfully taken from under your wing, but I feel immense empathy for you and your family to see you suffer so. Please don't stop talking or posting in this blog, because it is helping people like me across the country to know of you and Michaela, and to look for her everywhere, too.


  2. KRON4 news posted 2nite “Hayward police chief Diane Stuart placed on leave” “pending a personell investigation.” … Whatever unfolds I hope somehow Michaela's unsolved case ends up benefiting! never forgotten


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