Rolling Stone endorses Hillary

I was so happy to see Rolling Stone endorse Hillary Clinton for the presidency. I have been around for a long time, and have been a fan of Hillary’s since she came on the scene. I am also painfully well acquainted with the smear campaigns launched against her by the Republican party. I mean, really, can these people not just deal with the issues instead of trying to falsely malign character? Obviously not, since they are even doing it to each other.

I think the Republicans have actually helped Bernie in this election, and are probably happy to have done so. They have spoon fed distrust to the young people of this country, who have not been around long enough to really know that Hillary was the very first person who tried to establish universal healthcare in this country. I have to admit, I bear a bit of a grudge against Bernie, because he points his finger (literally) at Hillary for the fact that her campaign (like everybody’s but his apparently) is financed in part by corporations (and also by my $10 a month). He seems to intimate that this makes her somehow dishonest. Meanwhile, Bernie himself is about the most dishonest candidate running in this election. He is promising free healthcare for all, and free college tuition for all. Even if he was elected, he would never be able to institute these plans, and I’m pretty sure he knows that, because as this article points out, whenever he is asked about how he is going to bring about these changes, he can only wave his finger and say “the revolution.” Unless he means a real revolution, as in the Russian Revolution or the French Revolution, whereby the entire system of government is replaced by another in a less than peaceful manner, it just isn’t going to happen.

It makes me angry that any candidate is put at a disadvantage by simply trying to be honest and realistic. We can build upon Obamacare, correct some of the problems, make it better, and work toward a better universal healthcare system. Just so you know, nobody anywhere gets “free” healthcare. They pay a lot of money for it. I am originally from England, and according to my family, the British residents pay 10 percent of their income all their lives for the healthcare they receive for “free.” Can you imagine the uproar if the government decided to abolish everyone’s employer paid healthcare and instead have them start paying 10 percent of their gross income for their “free” healthcare instead? You talk about a revolution! And free college tuition? I don’t think it is even a good idea. Our community colleges used to be free, and then they started charging a little, and then more and more. As it is, it is almost impossible to get enrolled in the courses needed to finish a program of study. When it is free, there are many people who just sign up for classes on a whim, and a fair percentage who don’t even finish them. In order for tuition to be free, there would have to be an expansion in the college programs as well, in order to accommodate the sudden influx, or it would become an impossible situation for the serious students. To accomplish both of those things together would be pretty unmanageable. Instead, how about Hillary’s plan to make it easier to relieve the burden of debt our students face in ways from making it easier to get financial aid and loans, to lowering interest rates and repayment obligations? Now that is something we can do.

Here is a link to the Rolling Stone article. Of course, they are much smarter than I am, and they have the credentials I think, as an organization I’d have guessed would have gone for Bernie. So glad to see such clear thinking on these issues:

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