Merry Christmas

Dear Michaela,

This is our Christmas tree this year. The round dark spot you see is your “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, which has been on our tree every year since you were born.

I’m feeling sad this season.

I miss you.

I miss Christmas as it used to be.

I love you forever, baby girl. Wherever you are, Merry Christmas.


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  1. Thank you Sharon for sharing your heart with all of us. Like I always say you are such an inspiration to me. I would love for your Christmas gift this year to be Michaela in your loving arms. My heart hurts for you every day because I don't think I could have went through all you've been through and what you continue to go through. You are one amazing lady and you deserve the best!I will never loose hope of Michaela coming home to you. Prayers always for You, Michaela, and All of your Family. I'm sending this link with this song with Whitney Houston and Miriah Carey called “When You Believe” I know you believe but I thought it was a song you might enjoy. Thelma Mandera ❤


  2. Hello, Sharon. Merry Christmas Eve from New Jersey. I'm just a woman who came upon your story when reading about Jaycee a few years ago. I read your blog all the time, hoping for, optimally, a happy ending for you. In the meantime, all we out here in cyber world can do is send you loving thoughts and direct positive energy toward Michaela.Every year we place poinsettias in the front of the church for the Christmas service; people dedicate them to those that they love. One of the poinsettias in this picture was placed there in honor of (not memory of) Michaela. Her name was also in the bulletin and I labeled her as a missing child as she is YOUR child. The church is beautiful, over 200 years old, with Gothic columns, stained glass windows, organ pipes across the top balcony, balconies on all sides and candles glowing on the ledges of all the balconies. I'm trying to give you a mental picture so that you can feel the beauty and know that thoughts of Michaela were blossoming in the midst of it. I had my daughter rush over after the service (I'm the organist so I'm busy) and snap this shot before people started taking their flowers home. It's soooooo frantic Christmas morning before church (choir rehearsing, etc.) that I didn't have a chance to even glance at the flowers beforehand. Looking at the picture later, though, I noticed the box that says “JOY” sitting there right in the middle and it made me smile.Wishing you peace,jeanne johnsonp.s. I have copied this note and sent it to with a picture of the poinsettias. I couldn't figure out how to attach a picture here and I'm not sure if you will get the e-mail so I did both.


  3. Holiday Greetings Everyone! SHARON it is always nice to read updates from you -Even when the journey is difficult you express yourself in a special way that touches the heart deeply .THELMA I so luv reading your kind , thoughtful & supportive comments -the song link is beautiful–Thru this Blog and FB pg Love for MICHAELA has brought together such beautiful people from around the world.< Along with many others Sharon I look forward to getting a copy of your published book when it comes out 🙂


  4. Prayers for you ….This case and the case of 5 year old brittany locklear hurt me a lot ….Brittany,s case and Michaela,s case is just so sad :(…But on a positive note this case has never been closed and it will forever be pursued,keep your chin and determination up


  5. Hi SharonOver the last year or so I have read a lot about the 911 attacks. While I am a us citizen, I lived overseas at the time and didn't follow as much of the news coverage as I may have had I been in the states at the time. The recent book I read, had a chapter that discussed the thousands of unidentified bodies as well as the number of bodies they found years after the attack. While I do not think Michaela worked at any of the places effected by the events of 911. Many people were not employed at said places went missing and or presumed dead because they simply took a daily route that would have put them in the path of disaster. I remember reading somewhere on your site mentioning Michaels DNA being placed into the system. Normally that would take her being arrested, being found or dying in a hospital or being taking to a medical facility. Since there are so many remains from the events off 911 that the medical examiner at this time as no way of identifying. It not only saddened me to think of those family who KNEW they had family who went missing and are presumably dead and not able to be identified. It also made me pause and wonder IF there were any already missing like Michaela who might be among them.


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