Not looking for look-alikes

Today I received some photos in the mail of girls from an escort service in South America, who the sender said looked like Michaela. All of the photos were suggestive, and some were downright pornographic. The sender said she had sent them to law enforcement in June, so why on earth she would think she would need to send them to be in November is beyond my understanding. Let me just inform you now, if you send me pornographic pictures and tell me they look like Michaela, I am NOT going to receive them well. If you must do this, send them to the police.

But more to the point, none of these pictures bore even the slightest resemblance to what Michaela looked like then, what I would imagine she would look like now, or anybody in Michaela’s family. None. At all.

After Michaela was kidnapped, Unsolved Mysteries did a show on her, and I remember they were so excited about having found a girl who looked exactly like Michaela! The girls mother even called me, telling me that people everywhere were always mistaking her for Michaela. So she shows up, and she looks nothing at all like Michaela. For one thing, she was a little tiny short thing, and Michaela was very tall. Particularly since they cast a taller girl to play Michaela’s friend, Trina, she came off looking very, very unlike Michaela.

My point is that if you didn’t know Michaela, you probably can’t really envision what Michaela looked like however many photos you have seen. And now, 27 years later, there is nobody who can envision what she looks like. I might have some guesses, because I knew her as a child and because I know her brothers and sisters and what they have grown to look like. I get photographs sent to me all the time of beautiful blondes from people who say they think it looks like Michaela, but the one photograph I have received in all these years to which I said yes, that could be Michaela, was not a gorgeous, posed blonde. It wasn’t Michaela, either, but my point is that while Michaela was a beautiful child, and while I’m sure she is a beautiful adult, I don’t think she it is likely she looks like the Barbie dolls that get sent to me. And she is not a teen or a young adult anymore, folks. In January she will be 37 years old. Funny, but it just crossed my mind … she could be a grandmother by now.

What I am saying is, we are not seeking lookalikes to Michaela. Nobody knows what she looks like, including the people who do age progressions. If she is alive, she will be identified by her situation, by her own word, but not likely by her appearance. 

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  1. Hello Sharon,So sad to her someone would send you such images. I logged on to see how you are doing, as you and Mchaela are so close to my heart, and always on my mind this time of year. I pray that people are more sensitive in the future of what they forward to you. I haven't read the other blogs yet, so I'm looking for information about the gathering for Michaela this year.


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