Video for Michaela

This is a beautiful film clip. I found it on the Missing Persons of America website, which was forwarded to me by Nigel Keyes, who wrote the music. It honestly brought me to tears.
A lot has been happening at home lately, Michaela. Your baby brother, Robbie, who hasn’t been a baby for quite awhile now, became engaged and moved from our home into his own home. I had an astounding realization recently, which is that if you have children, they could actually be adults or near adults now. It’s not impossible that you could be a grandmother now….
All I know is that looking at this video, at your beautiful and innocent little face, it just breaks my heart that such innocence could have been betrayed by someone who thought they had the right to steal you away from your family and your life. 
I love you, Michaela, so much that it hurts. Please, I beg you, if you can’t come home, contact me. My heart just aches for you.

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  1. ((((*)))) One Love- Lyrics By Pat BenatarOnce there was a man, and He lived to sing the Lion’s songAs He traveled on the road of Hope One Love is the Light, shining over every mountain top It will lead us to the higher ground One day every heart will beat strong against the night Let it be done right nowOnce there was a man, and His words became a song of Love And His song became the golden dream One Love is the Light, shining over everyone that believes It will lead us to the higher ground One day every eye will see Truth before the Light, let it be done now….((((*))))


  2. hi I mentioned earlier back that you should set up a go find me account so you could try getting a PI. You said no basically but I am curious why? I got this idea cause someone else who has a missing adult son is also trying this. I mean really, what do you got to lose?


  3. The sheer complexity of Michaela's case puts it beyond the scope of a private investigator, or at least beyond the scope of what a Go Fund Me could fund. This is an investigation spanning almost 27 years, over 5,000 leads, with dozens of suspects extending to several countries.


  4. This is not the adult son fundraiser mentioned above but this link offers nice displays of supportive kindness shown through donations… but limited success with ultimate financial goal. I imagine this was crushing to the family Brandi Wells P.I. Fund $485 donated of 11k goal


  5. I hope this is not a lame suggestion, but have you thought about contacting Dr Phil? He might be able to help you get some answer, especially if Micheala is alive she is watching then she knows she has a family sho loves her & wants her back home. If she is not alive then someone who knows something can locate her remains so there could be a proper & she can be laid to rest. Either way, I hope her abductor will finally be caught & justice will finally be & you can have closurr


  6. You know, don't you, that Michaela has been on Oprah? And so many other shows recently and over the last 27 years that I can't even begin to remember them all. I just don't think Dr Phil has any magic that Oprah and the others don't. As I have said before, I think an angel is going to have to tap her on the shoulder and tell her, “Hey, your mom is looking for you.”


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