Michaela’s prayer needs

Created by Thelma Mandera for the anniversary
of Michaela’s kidnapping.

I got a message on Facebook today from someone who said that she had looked for information about Michaela so that she could know how to pray for her. I was going to share with her my prayer for Michaela, when it occurred to me that perhaps I could just share it with everyone, that this prayer might become a thunder in the heavens on Michaela’s behalf.

Every day I pray that God would wrap His arms around Michaela, wherever she is, let her feel His love, and remind her of who she is in Him. (She knew him and loved the Lord well before she was kidnapped, but who knows what the last 26 years might have done to her faith. I want her to be able to drawn on that faith and strength.)

Then I pray that God would remind her of me, remind her of my love for her which cannot end and cannot be damaged, tell her that I am still here with my heart and my arms open, longing for her to return.

I pray that in these things she might find strength to endure, strength to escape.

At this time, I have given information about Michaela to an organization that works to help international human trafficking victims. You know, generally I think this work is the other way around … they are pointed to the victims and they help rescue them.  Finding a little blue-eyed needle in the haystack that is the world, or even a single country, is something that would require purely divine intervention, so please pray for that!

And should any of you kind people who have sent information before be willing to follow up with something more specific that I can give to those who may be willing to get in there and do something, I would be forever, forever grateful.

Finally, Michaela, if ever you come across this blog and read my words, know my daughter that you are never far from my heart. Remember who you are. You are strong, you are loved. Whatever you need to do, you can do it.

Love you forever, baby girl.

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  1. “Lord, I wait for You; You will answer, Lord my God”- Psalm 38:15Prayer for Overcoming Life's HardshipsO Lord, we call upon You in our time of sorrow, That You give us the strength and will to bear our heavy burdens, until we can again feel the warmth and love of Your divine compassion. Be mindful of us and have mercy on us while we struggle to comprehend life's hardships.Keep us ever in Your watch, til we can walk again with light hearts and renewed spirits.http://www.prayers-for-special-help.com/Prayer-for-Strength.html


  2. Your motherly love is heartwarming to behold! Could you please define the portion of the blog I’m going to copy below. Were you only referring to past information sent on Human Trafficking?“And should any of you kind people who have sent information before be willing to follow up with something more specific that I can give to those who may be willing to get in there and do something, I would be forever, forever grateful.”


  3. The world is such a big place! Yet… The 3 kidnapped young women rescued from Castro’s house after a decade were not taken out of state or country. Perhaps the resolution for some missing cases is closer then thought. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has a program I just learned about called “HEAT” Stop: Human Exploitation And Trafficking. Their CA stats are uncomfortably surprising (some posted below) The help “RESOURCES” is a comfort to see. Perhaps their trained professional’s could hold the key to knowing “trade routes” eg which crime groups have been Trafficking here as well as have branches in Mexico or UAE etc… .STATS: “Local Facts on CSEC in Alameda County Commercial S….. Exploitation of Children (CSEC)”• “80% of reported human trafficking cases in California occurred in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego • Oakland, CA is a thriving underage… market, and is the epicenter of a trafficking triangle between San Francisco & Contra Costa counties.• The majority of CSE victims are US citizens, 13 to 15 years old, with some as young as 11.• From 2006 to early 2011, Oakland Police Department:• Reported 1,782 sex trafficking casesRescued 191 children• Obtained CSEC related charges on 71 traffickers• Most cases involved multiple traffickers and child victims of CSE”Thankfully there are victim resources offered http://www.heat-watch.org/resources/northern_california


  4. That's all true, except you have to keep in mind that most trafficking victims are NOT kidnapping victims. In fact, most organizations that work with trafficking don't do anything at all with missing kids. It's not that it's impossible, but of the thousands of leads we have on Michaela, they don't appear to be leading that direction. They lead to Mexico not long after she was kidnapped, and eventually to the UAE. The Mexico lead is an excellent one, and the UAE leads have come from such disparate sources in locations unrelated to the United States that I really can't ignore them, and those are the leads I am referring to here. Thanks.


  5. I guess I should also mention that many of the leads also point to Michaela no longer being alive. I think I am almost ready to hear that if it's true, but the fact is that if the leads about the UAE are true, she is in real need of help. If she is not alive, she is at peace with her Lord.


  6. I know that last part must have been really hard to say…my throat got choked up :*( . tenderest of ((((Heart-Hugs)))))Beside your dedication to keeping Michaela’s name & situation so tenderly in the public eye I’m also very impressed with the on-going dedication from the Investigators &FBI with Beloved Michaela’s case- especially with the monumental “ thousands of leads” you mentioned !You were right in saying in the US “most trafficking victims are NOT kidnapping victims. In fact, most organizations that work with trafficking don't do anything at all with missing kids.”. Regrettably I have now also learned that other countries, such a China, have compounded grief concerning their missing children. This KRON4 article explains: Parents harassed by police for searching! and horrible stats:“As many as 70,000 children are estimated to be kidnapped every year in China for illegal adoption, forced labor or s*x trafficking, making it one of the world’s biggest markets for abducted children, according to the state-run newspaper China Daily. By comparison, in the U.S., about 100 children are abducted annually by people who are strangers to them, said the Polly Klaas Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing crimes against children and assisting in the recovery of missing ones. http://kron4.com/2014/12/27/parents-face-agonizing-lonely-search-for-missing-kids-in-china-2/On a more blessed and hopeful note I’m thrilled to see 168 supportive thumbs up to this blog post on Michaela’s FB page! Prayer and concern matters!! Surely the “thunder” you spoke of shall resound along with outpourings of discerning Wisdom from “The still small voice”. Meanwhile please take gentlest of care & for the worldwide faithful prayer Intercessors uplifting your family “ let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we WILL reap, if we faint not.”<3


  7. “Hear our earnest prayer O Lord,Hear our humble cryPrecious loving caring lordOn whom we relyEver loving, ever living GodOf whom no one can compareAll we ask is that you hear our prayerGive us strength most Holy LordStrength to meet this dayLead us by your Holy WordGuide us in your way…….. “ All We Ask (Donnie McClurkin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-5h89CWxPo


  8. If a tip comes in with specific info which directs the organization now helping you to travel out of country will they need a public fund raiser to help cover expenses?


  9. On your UAE blog post titled “So now what?” you wrote: it was not legal to pass out missing fliers there & “Haven't been able to put the two together — Persian Gulf + Media.”God has a lot of ways of answering prayers when there are road blocks. I had a burden to do a sharing of food outreach for the homeless, I had been told it was not legal. A para-legal told me it was ok by law to “share food with my friends” .Allot of friends and I had outdoor picnics and fellowship together! That said, I’m wondering if contacting UAE Christian Churches/Ministries for “special prayer request” has been considered?This Emirates link http://www.emirateschristianfellowship.com/ Invites people to:“Please click here to send your prayer request Feel free to contactPastor. Benny Thomas +971 50 9402356 info@emirateschristianfellowship.com p.s the ‘picnics” I was having kept growing and my personal budget could not cover it anymore. I went to a Prayer Meeting to boost my faith and gave testimony on the miracles I witnessed with this outreach. As God would have it ❤ .. a man who normally didn’t go to this meeting was there. It turned out he was in charge of a huge food supply organization. He told me afterward that As long as the Lord led me in this outreach I could come to the ware house and fill my car with 25-40 people’s worth of food twice a week!!!!Multitudes of us have found the counsel in Matt 6:33 to be true! “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…and all these things shall be added unto you” ❤


  10. Thanks for the info and that's great about your outreach. In between the first blog I wrote and today, I did get CNNi to pick up the story, and I actually got a good response from U.S. expats who are now living in the UAE. I think, however, that I probably need to reach into the native culture with news of Michaela, and hopefully with my blog, in the hope that Michaela herself will see it. Meanwhile, there ARE people who have sent information about Michaela and then have clammed up when asked for more, and if they would see their way to providing us with more specifics, that would be very helpful.But of course, it could all be not true. So who knows. I cannot really invest myself in hope anymore because it has been disappointed too often and it's too painful. I just can't let Michaela down in case she is there.As for the organization I have been in contact with, I have seen them post specific on-line fund raisers for specific operations. There is no promise whatsoever that they will be able to do ANYTHING for Michaela. But they do a lot of good for a lot of others and are really great people, and I'm sure they would be happy to accept donations at any time. http://recon1991.wix.com/sert-ministries


  11. It’s terrific to hear about CNNi picking up the story!! the Good response from U.S. expacts!! And the sert ministres people helping a lot of others and being great people!! I’ll check out their link after this. I appreciate the updates.I can’t tell you how many cases I prayed about over the years where those (criminal and witnesses) with info unclammed because their conscience got not rest 🙂 On every presented issue concerning Beloved Michaela I’ll keep on praying with you and the multitudes.


  12. Hi Sharon,I came to look for an update about your daughter. You mentioned something about people who gave info and claimed up. Are you talking about the advocate or other people and info. I haven't been to your blog in a while. Wasn't sure if you had gotten more leads since then. -Rose


  13. Dear Information Holders Concerning Michaela,It has come into my understanding during prayer that YOU desire to be of help and share what you know about Michaela’s kidnapper and her current location but that your life is shackled in shame—trapped in the guilt of current lifestyle and in deep bondage to iniquity with the appearance of no way out.I believe you will be an important part of answer to the multitudes of our prayers concerning Beloved Michaela’s location….. however the God we serve came for freedom for everyone….and that includes YOU. This video I’m about to post is a testimony of a once shackled gang member and his road to complete freedom from 15 years of drugs, gangs etc…. There is hope.Christian Testimony – Davey Falcus – Gangland To God – Word Out Productions … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isEEycfQe4k


  14. If Michaela is in the UAE or Mexico I hope she's getting some kind of support if she is no longer with her kidnapper. But if she died in another country, it might be even harder to find her as it is now. If she's alive I hope she hasn't lost her faith or forgotten her previous life as that free happy child. I hope that God and some good person are taking care of her, if anything, keeping her alive so she can be found someday.But I still think that the real key to find her, the real truth, can be only given by Michaela's kidnapper, the one in the lead composite sketch. He would be the first one to know where Michaela is and the first one wanted by the police, right? Emilia


  15. Unfortunately there are about a thousand people who vaguely resemble the composite sketch. You would have to find a link to Michaela in order to establish that any one guy is THE guy, rather than finding the guy and then establishing the link. And the first message I got about her being in the UAE specifically said she is “changed too much to remember.” So that is the reason for this prayer. Thanks.


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