Can’t renew domain name! Help!

p.s. 2/10/15. Just want to let everybody know that thanks to the very kind help of some very nice and well connected people, the domain name has been renewed and is safe for another year! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Dear Friends,

Years ago I purchased the domain name through blogger, which is owned by google. Since then google has been through multiple changes and it has now become impossible for me to pay for my domain name renewal through google, and I cannot find any way in the wide world to actually contact a living person there to help with this!!! I apparently cannot log in to the admin console with my usual google log-in, and the one they suggested as an alternative has been permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

So should this domain name disappear one day in the future, this is why. You will be able to access it through the original web address, which is  Don’t forget the “the” or you will not end up in the right place.

I will  post updates, if need on Michaela’s facebook page at

Thank you so much for loving and caring for Michaela for all this time.

Michaela’s mom

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  1. I'm not sure if this will be helpful or not (I wish I knew of a way for you to just renew the domain!), but as soon as it lapses you can buy it again through someplace like dreamhost. You could also try emailing Dreamhost (as a potential customer) to see if someone would help you shift the site over before it even lapses. Another option would be to buy a second domain right now– like, or– and make it so that it also leads to this same page/content. (In the way that both and lead to the same page). Does that make sense? Then you have a back-up until you can figure out how to restore/continue I hope this makes sense– I'm not a web developer at all, but I wanted to help any way I could.Good luck & many blessings–


  2. Thanks Kaela! I have the domain name reserved through another web host, so if this one does expire I should be able to get it there. Someone also helped me find the actual host, which isn't google or blogger, so i sent a request for help to them, although I'm thinking switching to godaddy, where I have other domain names, might be the best. Then I'd just have to get my daughter's boyfriend to attach it to the blog.


  3. Hi Sharon, I'm actually a web developer. In a nut shell, you have lost your domain. As long as nobody has back ordered it. (Back ordering a domain allows that person to obtain the domain IF for any reason you are no longer using it or are able to use it.) My suggestion is go to Call and speak to alive person. Explain what happen. They will tell you two things. 1. You can purchase the domain name now for several hundred dollars. or 2. Wait the 30 ~ 90 day period for the domain to be dropped, recycled and to become available. Once the domain becomes available after the wait time it will automatically drop to your godaddy account. At which time you can either call godaddy back and they can point the domain to your blog or you can follow the steps in this link to do it your self. this helps. Megan


  4. I actually had some really smart people get involved, including some who work at godaddy and enom (which was the server for dearmichaela), and somehow it automatically renewed before the cutoff date (which is not until next week). THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!


  5. Sharon, first of all congratulations for the successful renewal of the domain name. This blog is not to be shut.I finally have the courage to ask you about the home video you wrote about on a blog last year. I just remembered I read the story. Would it be a good idea to post the video here? I personally would like to see it because I think it is a precious and significant moment of Michaela's life on a tape. And I think I am curious for how it's going to make me feel. To see a video of a foreign girl who lived and disappeared before I was even here live in front of me. And I may not be the only one who would like to watch it.If you are not ready or just don't want to post it, it is okay. I think it would be worth watching, no matter how emotional reactions it might cause in people's hearts.Emilia


  6. That's great news, Sharon! I still check your blog regularly although I don't post much because I don't know what to say. I just wish you didn't have to be left wondering. Take care,Cindy


  7. God Bless you & loved ones on this Valentines Evening! In Christ, TriciaPrecious Lord Take My Hand / Just A Closer Walk With Thee – Selah (lyric video)


  8. * P.s. Beginning prayers today for the environmental imprints to be revealed concerning Alexandria Lowitzer ,the missing girl from Texas you posted about on Michaela’s FaceBook page.• Alexandria’s mother’s 21st birthday letter to her and pictures were deeply touching .• I found more pictures for this prayer focus time on this link: • Thanks for loving God & expressing concern for other suffering parents.*


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