Dream Last Night

I had my normal sort of wandering dream last night, always seem to be moving, looking for something, trying to get somewhere. But last night I dreamed about a very, very old friend of mine, who I lost track of long ago. In the dream she had been kidnapped and had been gone for years and had returned, but she hadn’t told anybody (except for me I guess), because she had two children, two boys, and she didn’t want them to be affected by what had happened to her … didn’t want them to even know that she had been kidnapped and that they had been living with a kidnapper.

We would travel close to her family’s home, kind of sneaky so she could see what they were up to but not reveal herself to them. Then one day she was walking down the street and her mother and a cousin or other family member were walking across the street. I saw her lift her hand and wave to call out to the cousin, without thinking what she was doing, and I tried to warn her but if I called her name out loud her mother would have turned and looked. So she called to her cousin, then realized what she had done, and turned and ran as they looked for her.

Finally we sat down and I begged her to contact her family. I assured her that we would take care of her kids, but I asked her how she would feel if it was one of her children that was missing and she didn’t know what had happened to them. I was in tears by this time, and she agreed to contact her family and had just left for their home when I woke up.

Elsewhere in that dream or another there was a plane crash. I was looking out my living room window and saw two planes crash into the ground in the same place, with a huge fiery explosion. Don’t remember the context of the dream.

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  1. Hi Sharon,This is what I felt when I read your dream. Maybe Michaela is wanting to see you if she is alive, and if she has children she could be fearful for her children that the kidnapper would harm them and herself if she reached out to you. I'm sure she wants to get out of this horrible situation but isn't sure how too, and she could be afraid of how her family will accept her. (Which all of us know that You and your Family will reach out to Michaela with open loving arms, and you will be there to love and help her through all she has gone through)I hope what I said was ok. I've had many dreams in my life and I believe there are meanings to some of them. I will never lose hope of Michaela being found.Love and Prayers alwaysfrom Thelma Mandera


  2. I've had a dream, well, more like a nightmare, of my own kidnapping. That was dead scary. Of course nothing compared to real life.Emilia


  3. Hi Sharon I read a lot of true crime novels, including novels about open unsolved cases. As a parent of a missing child, I was curious how you felt if someone wrote a book/novel about Michaela's case?


  4. Please forgive my ignorance and lack of understanding. I'm a little confused by your response that the only one who could write a book about Michaela's case is yourself. Each year, hundreds of books are published about unsolved cases that are decades old & the majority of them were not written or published by a family member. More than half of them, the family wasn't even involved with the project. I understand your the only one who maybe able to write it from the perspective of Michaela's mother and or family. Other than that, seems anyone would be able to write about the case. I remember you speaking about writing Michaels story, never knew you finished it and or published. If you have any published books please share the titles. I would love to read them.


  5. Lucy, to answer your request for clarification, I am not supportive of the idea of anyone else writing about Michaela's case. It has already been featured in a couple of books, and many other places, most often with inaccuracies. Second, since it hasn't been solved, it is not possible to write a true crime story. It would be a laundry list of leads that go nowhere, and since it is an open investigation it is not amenable to publishing all the details about the case because of the possibility of compromising the investigation and any possible case that might come out of it one day. But more than anything, I don't see Michaela's story as a “true crime story.” I see it as something completely different. Although I have read a number of true crime stories myself, I think they tend to dehumanize those involved, and I am not in favor of that myself. Michaela's story has to do with grief and pain and what it does to people, and how to heal from it. The crime is only the entrance for the deeper story as far as I'm concerned. Hope this answers your questions.


  6. On some level I can understand why you might not think of her case as a true crime story. I can assure you, you and I combined don't have enough fingers & toes to count the number of books that have been published about varies cases that are unsolved and are still an open investigation. Being employed at a major publishing company & having witnessed first hand the number of books that are published regarding various missing children, murdered children or 101 other crimes that have never been solved and are still very much open and active cases…I guess the truth is… I have often wondered how the family members felt when some random person wrote about the case & how much it helped or harmed the case(s) since they are open cases that are still under investigation. Thanks for the response. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. My wife & children were murdered 35 years ago. The case has never been solved is still open and active. While what happen to my wife and kids is about grief, pain, what it does to people and how they heal from it. True crime is defined as when an author examines an actual crime and details the actions of real people. Michaela being kidnapped & my wife & children being murdered legally are considered crimes against the law. I understand fully why they are considered true crime stories and authors aren't required my permission to write about my wife and children being murdered. It is after all public information! My case has been featured in a number of articles over years, they did contain many inaccuracies as well. However in the last ten years a film and a book have both been done about my case. Although I was NOT asked to participate or be involved in the making of the book or film. I was actually grateful to the author of the book! Although my case hasn't been solved and is still open and active, the fact is, it is possible to write story of the crime that took place and in my case it helped to generate more info that the police may never have received other wise. Personally I think the outlook varies from family to family. Sharon, I wish you and your family all the best.


  8. Well, I must admit that I actually try to avoid books about children who are missing or murdered, but I can't say that I actually see a lot of them around the bookstores or the online sources I frequent. Do they sell? I have read a few Ann Rule books. I really liked The Stranger Beside Me, but that focused on the killer rather than the victims, and I can't tell you how often I have told the story of the police letting Ted go in spite of him exactly matching the description by the girl who got away, just because he was such a nice guy. In fact, I just told it again yesterday, lol. As for how families feel when people write things, I guess that will vary with each family. I think I may be feel differently because I write myself, and I don't think anybody could write Michaela's story as well as I could. It's engraved on my heart, my love story to tell. But I don't think it is finished yet.


  9. First, I am so sorry about your loss. May I ask what are the names of the book and movie? I understand about the generation of leads. You know, when Jaycee was found I really and truly believed Michaela would be found because Jaycee had been found. And that could still be true, because the amount of attention Michaela's case received in the media after Jaycee was found surpassed even the amount she received right after her kidnapping. And that did generate a lot of calls. I actually believe that the police have had the answer in their files since the beginning, but part of the problem with the investigation has always been too much information rather than not enough. They received 15,000 leads in the first year alone, and the investigators told me that they had to “look for a reason” to discount each lead so that they could move on to the next one, rather than running each one down to the very end. Much of what investigators have done in the years since is to try to sift through all that information, to attempt to computerize it and catalog it. The investigators have I think five solid leads, each one sounding so compelling you think it has to be true. It's just very frustrating.I do understand what true crime books are. I am just not fond of the genre as the mother of a victim. Let's face it, anybody can write anything, although I am pretty sure that the records of an ongoing investigation are not public record. Although there have been a number of leads that the media has got hold of over the years, I know for a fact that none of the leads the investigators are actually working on has ever been in the media. Thanks for your good wishes, and I send the same to you. It has been a long time for you. Have you managed to find peace?


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