Hugs for Michaela

Another anniversary is past, and Michaela what I am left with is one thing. I want to tell you how much love is waiting for you. Honestly, my sweet child, my sorrow was swallowed up by the love that was poured out, so much so that I began to feel a little bit guilty about enjoying it so much. But then I remembered, this love is for YOU, Michaela. Nobody was there because they think I’m adorable. They were there for YOU, and only because you weren’t there to hug did I get the hugs. I wonder, where you are do you get hugs? They are the most wonderful, magical things, the best medicine in the world. They literally reach into the hurting places in your heart and push the broken pieces back together again.

Michaela, I know some of these things might scare you, so I promise that if you come home if you don’t want to see anybody, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to be touched, nobody will touch you. But I want you to know what it is here, waiting for you, all this love, all this healing from the fear, the grief, the loneliness of the past 26 years. I myself want nothing more than to wrap my arms around

Michaela, this is your baby brother Robbie, and your
sisters, Johnna and Ariel, who you have never met,
and to the right, Libby. And me. 

you and hold you and just love you.

It rained this year on the anniversary. That was the first time it has rained on November 19th in all the years we have been doing this, but just a gentle rain. Today the rain came down harder, creating small rivers for awhile in the streets. I remember in the days after you were kidnapped the rains came pouring down, in violent storms, like the skies were weeping for you.

Well, for now Michaela, I am sending you a virtual hug, reaching across time and space, and just a few photos from November 19, 2014.

Love you forever, baby girl.

Robbie hung some ribbons high on the tree.
I cut most of the ribbons long. To me, it reminds me
of weeping. Our tears for you.
Michaela, do you remember your friend Isa?
She came to the anniversary, and
brought her little daughter.

Ribbons. And my car. I call it my little road warrior.
It is waiting to take you wherever you want to go!
Ribbons from years past.
Time may fade them but they hang strong.
Like our hope.

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  1. It's like all those ribbons are sending a message: “We miss you, Michaela! We want you back! We love you, and we never EVER lose hope!” I'm sure that wherever she is, she is getting it.That was the message of my ribbon, too. And I had written on it what I hope my ribbon would give her. Now the ribbon is hanging on the headboard of my bed. And you are welcome, Sharon! I ended up being so touched by this story, so I simply wanted to tie a ribbon. Wish I could do it for every long missing child there! You are a strong and loving mom, Sharon, and Michaela couldn't be proud of anyone more.Emilia


  2. Michaela….reach out and grab hold of one of those ribbons extended to you with love…reach out and show your family where you are as they wait with love and hope for you at the other end of those ribbons.


  3. I always scan the faces of the missing children on the flyers when I see them on the boards in the shopping stores. A few years back, I saw a young lady at my church that looked so much like one of those kids from the flyer; I actually snapped a picture of her on my cell phone. I went to the police station this is the conversation I had with the detective. Myself: I believe I may have information about a missing child from one of those flyers on the supermarket wall.Detective: Do you remember if it in out of state or in state case?Myself: Out of state case.Detective: What year did they go missing?Myself: 1980How old were they when they went missing: 7Detective: That means the case is 30 years old, which means the case is no longer active! The case would be archived by now; I wouldn’t even be able to pull up the file. Plus they the child would now be a 37 year old adult. Meaning even though they had been kidnapped when they were a child, they are an adult well over the age of 18 they have the LEGAL right to be missing. If they don’t want to go home they don’t have to!! I told him about the picture I took, and explained I didn’t understand how on earth someone who was kidnapped at 7 the case would be closed without him even checking it out! Let alone tell me they had the right to be missing if they want simply because they would NOW be of age. The detective simply repeated back to me what he had already said. I emailed the picture on my phone to a friend in a different state that works as a police sketch artist. They were able to use the picture I had taken with actual pictures of the missing child I saw in the flyer to determine it was in fact the same person. All this took place around the holidays. By the time the cops showed up at church asking questions the woman had stopped coming. As far as I know they never found her. That conversation I initially had with the first detective has always haunted me. He never even bothered to check, he didn’t ask for the missing child info..Nothing. I wonder how many other people like me have tried to give tips, only to be dismissed by the police. I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the world. Sharon I pray one day you find out what happen to your daughter. If someone from law enforcement happens to read this; I have a message for you as well! If someone tells you they think they have info on a missing child! Turn your computer on, look for the flyer, and take the information! Even if you think the person giving you the info is a mentally ill fruit loop, DO YOUR JOB! You might actually save an adult child and bring a family closure even if the tip did come from Crazy Jane! Have a happy weekend. Much love and peace to you, Sharon!


  4. Wow, that is awful … and incredibly lazy. However, unless it's an emergency situation it is probably not the best idea to go to local law enforcement if you believe you have seen a missing child. It is best to go to the agency that is investigating the case, or as a last resort to the number on the flyer. I don't particularly trust the numbers on flyers because they generally go back to the nonprofit organization who posted the flyer. Those people are not law enforcement and often are not even trained, and not all nonprofits hand over all leads to the agency investigating the case. But if there is a sighting of Michaela in Arizona, it is the Hayward Police Department in California that investigates it. They may request assistance from local law enforcement, but our local agency investigates.It is a fact that they don't jump on possible sightings of adults who disappeared when they were children, because 100 percent of the time they are not them. We have had so many, many, many of these, and most of them don't even really bear a resemblance to Michaela. They are just pretty blonde girls. That is one of the reasons I don't use the age progression. I don't think it really looks like Michaela, and our investigators don't have time to track down everyone who looks like the progression.However, no police officer anywhere has any right deciding for another agency that their case is closed, or that anybody is missing because they want to be. It's not their call, and they really should be brought to task for that.


  5. I think some extra special God thing is going on with you! Evidenced by the progress follow-ups from YOU requesting Prayers for sickly preemie Baby Will, 9 year old comatose Nicholas, and Missing 12 year old Imani. Baby Will is off oxygen and tubes! Imani is healing after being located after nearly 2 weeks! and Nicholas swelling in brain has gone down!HUGS Christian Pilgrim


  6. See what I mean!! 1 hr ago “I am so thankful that Nicholas showed signs of waking up today, he moved an arm and a leg, opened his eyes halfway and smiled, this Nana is crying tears of joy. We know he has to show more and completely wake up, but we also know that God is working on his behalf….”<3..via family FB prayer page


  7. Indeed!” Along with people you rallyed to pray” Prayers For Nicholas” fb pg began Oct 30th and today has 1,275 likes! However the God thing shines because” 8 days ago” you wrote on their“I have been praying for Nicholas, praying that God would show us his love in Nicholas' smile.” ❤ Annnnnnd TODAY he smiled!!


  8. Prayers for Nicholas had over 1200 likes before I even found it. This family has a lot of people supporting them, including at least two large churches that I receive emails and messages from. So that is not me, believe me, and there are a lot of really strong prayer warriors praying for him.I was touched by the report of a smile though. When I was feeling really low about Michaela and the sadness in the world, I asked God to reassure me of his love through the smiles on the faces of Nicholas and Baby Will. I have had the pleasure of seeing baby Will's beautiful smiles, minus oxygen tubes, and I said a thank you to God for this report about Nicholas. I believe we will see him awake and smiling.


  9. Whoooo whoooo !!!I just saw your Michaela FB pg update on comatose for weeks Nicholas! “NICHOLAS IS AWAKE! And laughing! Thank you Lord!” annnnnd his updated picture—what a beautiful SMILE!! I rejoice with you and the multitudes ❤


  10. “So Nick got to go in his chair for a lil bit today** lots of smiling** and laughing man I love this kid so much can't wait till he is 100% and out of here God is good”– :-)“about an hour ago”


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