Michaela dream

I had a dream last night that the case was on the verge of being solved, that there were several very strong possibilities. And in the middle of it, three women came to my house. Two of them were islanders of some sort, and one was a blonde woman, and they said she was Michaela.  I wasn’t sure whether to believe them or not. I said, well, you are beautiful enough to be Michaela. She was upset because I didn’t believe her. I asked her why she thought she was Michaela, and she said because I remember, you are my mother. I looked at her closely and could see a faint trace of a “stork bite” birth mark she’d had as a baby (she no longer has that by the way), and I thought yes, this is Michaela. I held her for a moment, and we talked for a little while, and then she left.

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  1. That was amazing Sharon ,have you ever considered that maybe this dream could be a sign? a sign that maybe can lead you to Michaela .I have thinking about it all day and one of my theories is that maybe the islanders means she could be on an island ,maybe buried there? or living there ? I real online somewhere that said they did a tarot reading and that she could be on an island. Its even possible the islanders were other girls that were kidnapped .Did they also have blond hair? Maybe they were Amber Garcia or Amanda Campbell .Other than that I hope the case will be solved soon and my heart goes out to you and your family. I will keep you and Michaela in my prayers.


  2. They were islanders as in Pacific Islanders, like Samoan or Hawaiian or perhaps even Philipino or Hispanic. They were older women, like they were her caretakers. Dreams are never really clear.


  3. A few years back when I was obsessed with reading about Michaela's case. I dreamed of a blonde haired woman who dyed her hair black In a motel room join two other women and man. They went to a trial and In the courtroom somebody yelled out “Michaela Garecht” and the woman who dyed her hair walked out and the man followed. Afterwards I saw a stream and I woke up. Shelly


  4. Just now reading this. I really love the dream, Sharon. I realize it is ambiguous as to whether she is alive or in the spirit world. But even in the physical world, we are also in the spirit world. In the dream, it seems to me that Michaela's answer is offered in contrast to the physical clues you are seeking. I like that when you ask her why she thinks she is Michaela, she does not tell you something about herself except that she remembers you are her mother. In Chinese medicine, memory is in the Heart; in this sense, it seems to me she is saying she knows who she is because you are in her Heart. It is a beautiful dream. And I am glad there are guardians with her, wherever she is. Blessings to you both.


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