Too much pain….

When you have enough pain, you stop feeling. That in itself is a problem, however. It’s like that disease, where you can’t feel physical pain. You can be seriously ill or injured, and you won’t even know until it’s too late.

3 thoughts on “Too much pain….

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  1. Whether it is in the dune of uncertainty, thick clouds of grief, volcanic eruptions of discomfort, sunset pauses of contentment or spinning times of joy…. You matter. What you express matters. Your journey touches deep places, provokes thought,& expands hearts. p.s. I love your poem written at age 18 that is now posted on .blog side panel..WRITE ON! :-)P.M.R


  2. Oops! I hear you.this move to an above 80 degree heat every day has wearied me more then I knew 🙂 So glad you have the blog link at the top right hand of this one. Best to you.P.M.R


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