God could have left Job (and us) alone…

My dear friend Pastor David sent this video to me. It is extraordinarily powerful, and speaks to the questions in my previous blog so well…..

May it speak to you as it has spoken to me. God could have left Job alone, by Bob Sorge.

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  1. It is nice your friend thought of you , sent the video & you were ministered by portions of his message.I have numerous issues with this video's portrayal of G-ds character.–beginning with the focus concerning Job's losses and this Pastor's acceptance of his limitations & physical suffering. (can speak 1 hour a day and the rest of the time is pain). It is not noble to suffer in this manner.. There is much healing evidence in current day churches & scripture to back this view. Beginning with .Isaiah 53:1-12 which describes the ministry of the coming Christ.“Surely He has borne our griefsAnd carried our sorrows;”“He shall bear their iniquities”. AND“The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,And by His stripes WE ARE HEALED “http://www.blbclassic.org/Bible.cfm?b=Isa&c=53&t=NKJV


  2. This video message reminds me of a story I once heard. A young man took his first cruise ship trip. He brought his own food and snacks. Near the end of the week he ran out of food and was ready to use the little funds he had left to buy a meal. He asked a Steward how much it would cost. He was told “ the food is free, it was all paid for when you signed up for this trip!* It is part of the package! *”–There are yet many more blessings to be experienced as part of the spiritual journey and healing of life experiences.. G-d Bless your special earnest hearted quest.


  3. Wow this was amazing and I needed to hear it. I want God to stay with me all the way. I don't want to be left alone. Help me God to trust you no matter what happens in my life. Like that song by Dallas Holm “Though You Slay Me, I will Trust You, Though You Try Me, I will Love You, If You take my life away, with my dying breath I'll say, Though You slay me I will trust You”Thank you Sharon for sharing this videoLove and Prayers for You, Michaela, and Your Family


  4. I am guessing you have never suffered? Did you read my previous blog? I was a young mother singing worship songs at the kitchen sink when my 9-year old daughter was kidnapped. Do you think I did not pray for her to come home safely? Do you think that other people didn't pray? Or did none of us pray correctly? Because it has been 25 and a half years and she has not even been found. Are you going to say that the devil remained in control all that time despite our prayers? I believe the bless-me bless-me mentality is simplistic and dangerous. Life is what it is, and we do suffer. Within God's purposes there must be many reasons for this. I know some of the things which have happened as a result of Michaela's kidnapping that would not have happened otherwise. I am not the same person I would have been. God does refine us. The pastor who sent me this most certainly believes in healing. But he also knows that sometimes God lets us go through the fire, because God has let him go through his own fire, as I have. We were not delivered from the fire. We had to go through it. That is a fact. God, therefore, must have a purpose, or he must not be there.


  5. Yes I believe in healing! (Pastor David) “Jesus is perfect theology!” To Mr. Anonymous, Bob Sorge also believes in healing and has stated that he is waiting for his complete and total healing of this affliction. In fact he is quoted that as much as God has used him during this time, he will not be persuaded other wise and believes with all of his heart that God will heal him.


  6. This is a very powerful, moving video. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Even in your grief you manage to give to others.


  7. (((heart-hugs))) GREETINGS PASTOR, I had a brief & special dream- (Joel 2:28-29) .It began with a huge banner that had the words “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted”. Then a very fast moving young one was seen running from cloud to cloud then running up and sliding down on rainbows in the distance– I heard this precious one pause and yell down joyfully “Tell em, tell em “ (flashing this space under your blog comment) you're right..Daddy, He realllllly IS “More then wonderful”….. This song was playing in the background..<3 “More Than Wonderful, Lyrics || By Sandi Patti & Larnelle Harris “ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di3Ilv_6SXQ


  8. It was nice to click on the “Just- Sharon.com” tab at the top of this page and read about your recent experience. I luv the new book title you are working on!


  9. Off topic–Last nite I viewed the end of a brief kron4 tv news show which featured a poster of missing 7 y/o Amber Swartrz Garcia -missing since 1988- and her mother speaking. I could not find any news follow up. Do you know if there was a recent event or new developments in their case?


  10. But none of this explains the suffering we see in this world…abused, hungry, traumatized men, women and esp children living in abject misery- and I always wonder -why the children??? what do they know- why so much concentrated suffering in parts of the world…why???Just writing this makes me very uncomfortable- questioning the faith I've lived with all my life- but more and more I keep thinking…why the mass suffering??Maybe I can't see the full picture but it awfully hard to fathom a picture that would justify so much suffering…I don't mean to rile anybody up but I can't help but ask…Thinking of you and Michaela, almost every day,SR Mom


  11. (( heart-hugs)) Such good and difficult questions ! The quest for understanding the horrific “concentrated suffering” & world-wide misery is shared by multitudes of us. I was one of “the statistics' of stolen innocence and lived a tough self reliant survival mode life until I gave my heart to Christ as an adult. Eventually an unexpected terrible situation, combined with the wonderings of why strings of childhood abuses were permitted, took my heart to a hardened place while a believer. At the time several people tried to remind me of the biblical nature of evil but I was just too furious to look. I had righteous indignation for wrong done to me and others in the world. I felt betrayed by God and felt that as a follower there should at least be a shield against severe terrible things! Step by step I went from the pleasant life of living in the peaceful sun-light of the Spirit to discontent critical, bitter, and down right miserable! I again of course blamed God but now it was for not saving me from myself! :/ Everyone has to come to their own place of finding Peace and empowerment with the tough questions. For me the sincere willingness to explore the biblical role of The Deceiver(s)— origin, history of iniquity, goals and behind the scenes methods was my bridge to life discernment & freedom.-It empowered me with true direction to place my righteous indignant view, prayerfully work to help make the world a little better place, and return to nestling tenderly in the palm of Love's Heart.


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