Light on the kidnapping events

I got this email this morning, from Michaela’s friend who was with her when she was kidnapped:

FYI, Sharon, I was reading what some of the people wrote on your blog about the guy speaking to Michaela, and I wanted to clarifiy:  I do think they may have spoken:  she may have said “where is it” to him and he pointed to the ground.  I’m unclear, but I think that may have happened.  For years it made me wonder if she somehow knew him, but I told the police that, at some point, too.

I just read that you are certain they didn’t speak and I wanted you to know that that’s not how I remember it. 

So I was wrong, I guess. I have had this picture in my mind for all these years of the kidnapper slouched down in the car, out of sight, until Michaela bent to pick up the scooter.  I’m not positive where I got this picture from … quite possibly from re-enactments I have seen for Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted. 
The girls had started to walk home without the scooters, I know, and I had it in my mind that at the moment they remembered and turned back, Michaela spotted it across the parking lot and went immediately to it. In talking a little further with Trina, it seems that neither of them had noticed a missing scooter until they got to the door, and then Michaela went off to look for it. And found it, unfortunately. Trina is not certain if the kidnapper spoke to Michaela or not, or if he actually pointed to the ground. She just heard Michaela say something, which indicated that she had found the scooter, so at that point Trina stopped looking for it herself. Then she heard Michaela scream and that is when she turned and looked.
I’m sure these details are not completely correct either. In times of stress, our minds tend to kind of shut down. I wouldn’t have been able to do a composite probably, because I know how my mind blocks out unpleasant things. It has also been almost 25 years. But I found it interesting that the picture I have held in my mind all these years was incorrect.
I apologize to the author of the book who I accused of misrepresenting the facts in comments on a previous blog. Not sure he is correct either, but I was not. 
And I’m not sure that this sheds any further light on events, if it will make any difference. I can’t see how it could, but for some reason I feel I need to put it out there, just in case it might.

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  1. It could make a difference. I've heard LE say that even the smallest, most insignificant things can make a difference. If she did speak to him, perhaps she did know him. Otherwise, if she didn't, why didn't she scream first? Perhaps she thought that he was trying to show her where the scooter was and she got close to his car because she did know him. I have pictured the same scenario that you did – the person who took Michaela was hiding in the car and when she got close, he/she/they opened the door quickly and abducted her. I hope and pray this can shed some light in the case and get LE closer to finding Michaela. Sending much love your way.


  2. Not to sound insensitive.. From a child's perspective I can understand how the girl with Michaela may have thought Michaela and her kidnapper knew each other because they spoke to each other. It is also completely plausible that she thought she saw her bike and simply asked a stranger “where's it at.” Or the stranger said “I saw your bike” and Michaela responded “where's it at.” I can not begin to imagine the guilt her friend must have carried all these years over what happened. She must be very strong willed to be able to live with what happened.


  3. It has been a looooong and difficult road for everyone concerned. :*( I firmly believe there is a deep healing of memories coming soon. Meanwhile “May the God of fill you with all joy and PEACE in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in HOPE.(”Rmns 15:13)


  4. Sharon, I can only try to imagine what it's like to have the scene that you've been playing over and over in your head for all of these years suddenly change. Maybe it does or maybe it doesn't make a difference in terms of the evidence it provides, but it must be strange for you. Regardless, it shows that new information can be discovered, even after all this time. That's encouraging. Best wishes to you and Michaela. Cindy


  5. I am not meaning this to bad or mean that the situation is worse than it is but have you check with missing and exploted children's page for jane does or the doe network there are thousands of kids that haven't been identified. I pray that she is found safe for you and you will have the closure you deserve.


  6. Trina is most likely correct in saying that Michaela and the kidnapper spoke. After all she was looking for her scooter and had no reason to think that this person was a danger to her. After all it was broad daylight and in the parking lot of a grocery store. It's not like he asked her if she wanted candy or a ride. I am sure she was well aware about not talking to strangers. But this is different. He didn't lure her to the car, he physically picked her up and threw her into the car. We all speak to people we do not know when out and about. Words or no words unfortunately this probably would not have turned out any different either way.


  7. I am sure she did notknow her kidnapper. If she did she would have said hi hello or something and she wouldn't have screamed and kicked the way that she did,


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