NaNoWriMo Update

Just wanted to stop by and write a quick note.  Update on NaNoWriMo is that it is going well.  I didn’t get started on November 1st.  I tried but I couldn’t write that first paragraph.  Well, actually, I did write it, but it was really bad. So I set it aside and went back the next day and surprised myself by taking a totally and completely different approach, and tone. This is far more personal and human I think. I don’t know if it’s good, because if I go back and read it I know I will fall into that trap of wanting to redo it and start it all over from scratch, and I just have to keep going until the end. The part I am writing right now is about Michaela. Of course, this is fiction, but there is so much of just plain Michaela in it. I find myself questioning this sometimes, wondering if it is wise to do that in a work of what is supposed to be fiction, but I just can’t not do it. Michaela is at the heart of my heart. In writing her, I honor her, and as always, I reach out to her. The fact of the matter is that I know this is what people want to hear from me anyway. There have been so many fictional accounts of missing children that have been written in the world, but you want to know what it is really like? Well, this is it.

I have found myself missing Hayward lately. I lived there for 20 years, in various locations. When I went to get my laptop the other day, I exited the freeway just off the bridge, at Industrial, and made a right turn towards south Hayward. So many times in my life I drove that road. It’s funny how going to a location can just bring back so many memories. I specifically remember the morning air in South Hayward, Fairway Park. There are no major freeways in the area, and it is edged by the grasslands of the hills, and it is just fresher, and quieter. I spent so many mornings there, running or walking. It fills my senses just to think of it. Where I live now I have a great view, but that includes three major freeways, one of which runs along the bottom of my hill. You get used to it, don’t really notice it, but it’s actually really noisy.

I know, all this doesn’t mean much. I am going to go back to writing my book now. Did I mention, yesterday I got down over 3,500 words? I worked all day, came home, started writing at 7:30, and knocked out 3,500 words and could have kept going. Maybe I will actually get this done.

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  1. So glad to hear you are participating in this writing adventure! “November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. This is an on-line thing where between November 1st and November 30th each year,”….The youtube song link you posted* did not work* on my computer—I found this special song but am unsure if it the same song “Handprint On My Heart – Taylor Cox” I sure luv the poetic title when referring to precious Michaela “”You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart….”. Best to you & your family.


  2. No, it is the song “For Good” from the musical Wicked. Sorry it didn't work. there was another version on Youtube, but it started with a commercial about pooping. Seriously.


  3. :0 !! lol!! Goooood choice to hold back on that one! 🙂 ….Looking forward to the future book! Making great progress “knocked out 3,500 words and could have kept going”!


  4. Hi Sharon,I am doing Nanowrimo too!! I am having a really hard time not judging as I go, not telling myself that “this is good, bad or awful and that no one will want to read it! ” haha. Anyway, I hope you keep going. I would love to read your book.I wrote you an email a while back (not that you would remember with so much mail!) Just wanted to tell you that I am still keeping an eye out for Michaela all over East Africa and through the Middle East. Everyday, I turn on my computer and hope to read that she has been found. I firmly believe she will be. Much hope to you, your family and to her.


  5. I know what you mean, Brie. I am having the same problem. If I wasn't doing NaNoWriMo right now I'd probably have already stopped, re-read, and said no, this needs to be reworked completely. My dream would be to be able to get it all out and then to have a really good editor tell me what works and what doesn't. I'm far too critical of my own writing. Thank you for keeping an eye out for Michaela. I get a lot of emails, even from Africa, so I'm not sure which one yours was. I know I got an email from there from someone thinking they might know where Michaela was, but then never heard back from them again. That wasn't you was it?Good luck on your book!


  6. Sharron,In your previous blog post you mentioned needing an editor to look at your book. I attend Brescia University in Owensboro, Kentucky, and there is a professor here who might be willing to help you. His name is David Bartholomy, but we call him Bart. He's been teaching for a VERY long time, (he's 74 and has no plans of retiring any time soon) and he teaches the Creative Writing class here at Brescia. If you email him and explain your situation he may be willing to help you. He is pretty busy, but he's always willing to help aspiring writers. I'll give you his email address in a PM on your facebook, and you can talk to him. If nothing else, you can email him copies of bits of your novel and he can mail them back to you with the edits on them.


  7. No, unfortunately it wasn't me. I just keep an eye out for her, but I have no idea where she could be. I keep thinking that if Elizabeth Smart was out in public that Michaela probably is too! Hope to hear good news soon!


  8. I got the 50,000 words finished in November, and then took a break, which has extended a bit because of my daughter's birthday in early December and Christmas coming up. I hope to be able to get most of it finished before the end of December, but then there will be some pretty intense editing and polishing to do. It will get done, though! Thanks for asking.


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