Catching Up….

Yes, I am still alive. I apologize because I have not written a blog for almost three months now, and I want to thank all of you who keep visiting anyway. This last summer was a difficult, stressful time. As you know from my last blog, it began with my dog Bella getting cancer and dying quite quickly. That was June. At the end of July, my son Robbie broke his ankle. He was hiking on Mission Peak in Fremont at the time and slipped in some loose dirt. He managed to walk a mile back to his car, and for a couple of days insisted it was just sprained, before finally agreeing to go in to get it checked. (He is 25 years old, by the way. Just thought I’d throw that in, in case anybody wants to know why I didn’t make him go in sooner.)

It turned out the ankle was broken and dislocated, and that required surgery to insert a metal rod and to cinch some bones together. I had this surgery myself a few years ago, as an inpatient with IV pain relievers, but for Robbie they did it on an outpatient basis. They gave him a nerve block which didn’t wear off until long after we were home. That way they were able to get rid of him before he knew how much it would hurt. It was his right leg, so recovery was long before he was able to get out on his own, driving, walking up and down the stairs and the hills where we live.

The in August my youngest daughter’s boyfriend’s car was stolen from in front of our house. The next day, they were out driving in my daughter’s car and got in an accident.  Fortunately, the kids were fine, but the car they hit was much bigger and the impact missed the bumper entirely and instead completely smashed in the hood, damaging the parts that make the car work.  It was towed to our street, and then while waiting to go to the body shop, someone else hit it while it was parked!

All told, we were okay.  It was unfortunate that Robbie broke his ankle, but that meant that he couldn’t drive his car, so while Johnna’s car couldn’t be driven I drove his and she drove mine.  And finally Johnna’s car was fixed, as good as or better than new.  Amazingly enough, Johnna’s boyfriend’s car was found also, undamaged!  Robbie can now walk, and drive, and he is going back to work tomorrow.  So, no permanent damage.  (Well, except for medical bills…)  We got through it all and life is back to normal, and now of course I think that it probably wasn’t necessary to get so stressed out about it all.  And yet I did.

Zelda, the baby.

The other thing that happened in August is we adopted two little dogs from the Hayward Animal Shelter.  Hayward Animal Shelter is a wonderful place, by the way. If you are in the area, you should certainly visit, and perhaps take a little furry person home with you.  We went there to adopt a dog because Spike was so lonely after Bella died. I had also always wanted to rescue a homeless dog, but hadn’t been able to while Bella was alive, because she tended to be very territorial. And big, with a deep, booming bark that would scare the bejeezus out of a little dog even if she didn’t hurt it.  In the meantime, Robbie had broken his ankle and was stuck home all the time, so Spike pretty much had 24-hour a day company.  But we went ahead with the plan anyway.

There were so many dogs in the shelter, so many that I could have taken home. I honestly wasn’t looking for the cutest dog. If anything, I wanted to find a dog who needed me. There was a little girl chihuahua in the second kennel who still haunts me, just because she was so scared. But then in one kennel came the fatal stroke — a baby. She’s listed as a chihuahua, but perhaps a chi mix. Short legs, long body, dear head rather than apple head, big ears, big eyes. She is blonde, with an angel wing pattern on her shoulders in lighter blonde, with big brown eyes. She is so soft, with that puppy floppiness when you pick her up.  I really honestly didn’t want a puppy, for many reasons, but we couldn’t help it. We fell in love.

Sophia (also known as Sophie, and mama dog)

She was in a kennel with another dog. Usually if they are grouped together it means they came into the shelter together. But we didn’t initially recognize the fact that this was the puppy’s mommy. The other dog actually looks just like her, same shape and build, but that wasn’t immediately noticeable because she was bigger, and she is jet black while the baby is blonde. But it turns out this was mommy, and we could see she had been lactating recently. As much as I wasn’t planning on getting a puppy, I even more wasn’t planning on getting multiple dogs. But I had to. I couldn’t take the baby and leave the mama there alone, probably for a long time, because with all the very many dogs there waiting to be adopted she didn’t stand out in the crowd that much. I have read that black dogs have a hard time getting adopted from shelters. I don’t know why, but that’s what they say. She had also recently had puppies. And she won my heart because was just plain sweet. While we visited, the puppy played and romped with Spike, but the mama just wanted to climb up on my lap and be loved. We had to leave them there because they had to be spayed before they could come home, and the little mama dog stood up against the bars of her kennel and gazed at us as we walked away, watched us through the glass in the door as we left. I could clearly hear her saying, “Wait! Don’t leave me!”

Robbie had lots of company while he
was recovering from surgery.

So we have had two new dogs in our house. The baby is Zelda (after Princess Zelda, named by my daughter), and the mom is Sophia or Sophie.  This is what it’s like to adopt a dog from the shelter. The morning after we brought Sophia home, I went to the bathroom and when I came back into the living room Sophia was there on there on the couch. When she caught sight of me she started wagging her tail, a thump thump thump against the back of the couch.  She was just so happy to be home. Sophia has turned out to be the sweetest, most loving dog we could have ever asked for.

Of course, it’s been hard work integrating two new dogs into a household. They each had to be spayed, and they had to be kept separated because the mommy and baby play really hard with each other, and they couldn’t do that while they were healing. Having to separate them while trying to integrate them both into our home was not easy. I was so thankful when that was over.  Housebreaking has been … well, unsuccessful. It seems pretty obvious to me that Sophie was not an indoor dog, both from the fact that she is not housebroken and the fact that she had this fear of going out in the back yard, and then also a fear of coming back into the house once she was out. I’m sure it’s partly my fault as well, because when they look up at me with their bright eyes and wag their tails … well, you get the picture.

Puppy Love

As far as Michaela’s case goes, we are all still suffering from the impact of that bone that was found last year. And I mean we ALL are. Honestly, that lead should have been investigated by the police, and they should have told me when it was all over what the results were. Being raked over hot coals for months waiting for the answer was pure torture. So for me, I have left the investigators alone since then. I haven’t asked too many questions, because I don’t know if I can stand another episode like the last one. I still take leads and pass them along, but I figure if there is something I need to know they will tell me. Of course, if I ask, I know they will tell me. I just don’t really want to ask. That may be a bad thing, I don’t know, but I just don’t have the emotional energy for it right now.

The really bad thing is that is apparently isn’t just me this has impacted. I asked recently if I could use the little office at the police department that had all of Michaela’s files and evidence in it, and I was told that it had been closed. Apparently after that bone turned out not to be Michaela’s some higher up or the other at the police department informed our investigator that he couldn’t use it anymore. Apparently there was no immediate need of the room for anything else. As it was put to me, that whole thing with the bone and the speed freak killers also took a lot out of the police department. There is also a kind of musical chairs that goes on with the leadership at Hayward PD. This is a great thing is you happen to be stuck with a leader who is not good, but it also means you lose those who are, and it means that there are always new people coming in who don’t really know what’s going on. Probably most cases are opened and closed within the span of a lieutenant or captain’s tenure in a department. With cases that last for years, like Michaela’s, it is very difficult having the case be subject to scrutiny and changes in procedure every time the watch changes.

Zelda and Spike

It’s all discouraging and depressing. There is much I don’t know, much I don’t understand. I do know that the kind of investigation I would like to see would be very expensive. I don’t think it does much good to just call someone in and ask them questions. I mean, who is going to confess? Most people who actually give information suddenly don’t know anything once they are talking to the police. I think some good old fashioned surveillance might be helpful, as well. And I’ sure there are a lot of other investigative techniques I don’t even know about. Hey, how can I get the NSA involved?

Oh Michaela, if you are out there somewhere, could you please just let me know? Or if you know what happened to her, would you please just tell me? We really do not need leads about people who looked like the abductor. We have lots of prime suspects for the abductor and don’t have the resources to thoroughly investigate them at this point. We need hard facts, evidence, truth. We need it desperately, please, please, please!

Zelda, Spike and Sophia out for a walk.

In just a little over a month it will be 25 years since Michaela was kidnapped. At this point I have no idea what I will do for the anniversary. Honestly, I would just like to go quietly, as a family, to hang ribbons on the tree and remember Michaela. But you know, that is what I have wanted every year. So we will see.

Again, thank you for bearing with me, through better and worse, and even in silence. I do so appreciate all your love and support, for Michaela, for our family.

And Michaela, wherever you are, I love you forever. I like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.


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  1. Nice to read you again Sharon. First is first and your summer has really been busy. Your updates in the comments have been enough to let us now you were around, though. I've been thinking about you as there's been some news regarding Madeleine McCann's case. I know hers and Michaela's are completely unrelated but the fact that new information and leads are coming up reminds me of how important it is not to give up. As an obvious outsider I thought that cases like these are hopeless after a certain limited time, but all the girls who have been found even years after they disappeared are proof of how wrong I was in believing all you can do after a few months is assuming they're gone for good.Love your new furry family members! All rescued pets are the most loving and grateful things ever.Btw, I don't mean to be cruel but when I read about your daughter's car being hit a second time and while parked I couldn't help but laughing a bit. That car had som bad karma to pay back and it seemed as if someone wanted to punish it!I wish you a peaceful Autumn. Take care.M.


  2. Nice to hear from you, Sharon. I check here often to see if there are any updates. As another poster just mentioned – we've seen your recent comments on the last blog, so we know you're around! You and Michaela are in my thoughts often, and I'm always praying for Michaela to be found. I sure wish I could offer more than that, but the prayers will always continue. That I can promise. I also wish I could put into words what my heart feels for you and Michaela. 25 years is a long time, but if she is found, she will still have the whole rest of her life ahead of her, and many years yet to spend with you. I pray very hard for this to happen.Your new dogs are just adorable! Lots of love from Michigan,Becki


  3. prayers are with you still Sharon and for your Family. after hearing everything you have gone through this summer I just keep remembering the “footprints in the Sand”Just remember that The Lord is Carrying you in your time of need. I hope that helps a little anyway. thinking of you always~


  4. You would think after all we have learned that police administrators would first exhaust every lead before they pulled the plug or re directed resources. If they put enough people to solve the case they would get respect from the law abiding public. Instead a solvable case is not solved. Makes me furious!- Rod R


  5. I am sad and disappointed to hear that the office has been closed. If there is anything I admire the PD most for it is that they NEVER give up on their missing children. I truly hope this will be the case with Michaela as well.


  6. Did you hear that additional publicity solved Christina Adkins case who went missing in 1995, the three missing girls being found alive gave her attention, but tragically she was murdered, 😦


  7. It's great to hear from you. I always get worried that you have fallen into depression or something else when you don't post for a while. I know I shouldn't be worrying, but I guess it's just my nature. Anyway, it's sweet that you adopted the mama and the baby. Not many people are willing to do that. 🙂


  8. Re Your comment: “Or if you know what happened to her, would you please just tell me?”.Perhaps there might be a hesitance from one(s) who” KNOW is” due to an awareness of CORRUPT LINKS by organized filterers eg SCREENers of DATA whose position empowers them to decide what is released to the public or pursued. EXAMPLE: 2 NEWS LINKS BELOW,( that in* no way* implies Hayward PD but instead to other possible counties/states or countries legal systems- with corruption in the ranks- that hold the key in a locked position( by blocking pursuit of leads and tips) re the resolution on Michaela’s case.With recent news of a DRUG BUST” where up to* ten more children* found at the camp may be the *victims of a trafficking ring* “! The hard fact possibilities remain. Once this corruption issue is pursued the many ones who” know” will feel confident enough to boldly come forward- as in the Sandusky case.) NEWS LINK 2013– “10 Atlanta Police Charged In Corruption Case, Taking Payouts From Drug Dealers [VIDEO]” Link# 2–.2013 “ Traffickers may be …,* owners of small businesses,* diplomats and even families.“ Increasingly, however, the traffickers are *organized crime syndicates*, often in collaboration with* corrupt law enforcement entities*,(via Ark of HOPE for /Child-trafficking-statistics )


  9. P.S. Despite the 2 Hayward Police Officers being arrested this month my above info is in NO WAY pointed to corruption with Hayward Missing Investigation Dept.#1 Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 | Updated 6:09 AM PDT :“A Hayward police officer was arrested this weekend on several counts of child molestation dating back more than a decade ago when he worked with middle school children at an after-school program (in Livermore 1998-2007.) POSTED: 10/07/2013 12:45:40 PM PDT “HAYWARD — A Hayward police officer resigned Monday after being arrested in connection with an extortion scheme in which prosecutors say he used his badge to take advantage of an alleged criminal.” http://WWW.CONTRACOSTATIMES.COM/NEWS/CI_24258266/HAYWARD-POLICE-OFFICER-SUSPECTED-EXTORTION-IS-ARRESTED


  10. Hi Sharon,It's so good to read your writing again. I'm sorry though that you've been through so many difficult times. I wish that you and every family of a missing child could have the resources and attention that Madeleine McCann's case is getting. Many criticize the fact that her case gets so much attention compared to others', and I'm sure it's kind of frustrating from the perspective of a mother with a missing child, but I think that the allocation of such resources should be the example for missing children's cases – children of all ages, not just toddlers. No one should get away with abducting a child and no one should forget a missing child – ever. Until we know otherwise, there is always hope. I know that you never have and never will give up, but there's a limit to what you alone can do. You need help and help should be there for you. Be well, Sharon. Cindy


  11. Cindy, actually Michaela's case is one of the cases that has received a lion share's of attention. But as I have said before, we have too many leads, without areal direction to know which ones to devote the resources too so they remain spread too thin. This is because we have an eyewitness, unlike most cases. So we have a lot of initial factual information. In Madeline's case they gave guesswork, that maybe a person carrying a child might be the kidnapper, but no actual witnesses. Aldo, remember it has been 25 years the police have been investigating Michaela's case. Please Aldo pardon my typing, since this is on sn iPad which doesn't want to let me go back and make corrections. I do know the difference between too and to, lol.


  12. Hi, have you seen the news about the little 4-6 year old unknown blonde girl found with Roma people in Greece? Well, she can of course not be your daughter as she is a child but I think she looks like your daughter, maybe you will not agree but maybe it would be worth to take a DNA as the real parents of the child in Greece has not been found, maybe they are not free, my thought was just if maybe the child is a daughter to someone who is a victim and can not come forward.


  13. .P.s.s :Further Crime Network Exple for observation & consideration from MSN news posted 2 hrs ago10/22 ..“On Monday, the mayor of Athens ordered the suspension of* three officials in charge* of record-keeping…” Authorities allege that the female suspect claimed to have given birth to six children in less than 10 month. Police say the two suspects received about $3,420 a month in subsidies from three different cities — a substantial amount in the midst of Greece's devastated economy”.


  14. That's we are 25 years later and the police are still investigating, which is as it should be since the case has never been solved. It seems, however, that with more resources the police would be able to investigate all of those leads, maybe do a little traveling to follow up leads, such as in the UAE, for example. Is it not possible to trace the source of leads sent via email? Anyway…I'm on the outside looking in so there's much I don't know. Plus I know nothing about police investigations in general. Maybe there are even things you don't know. I just wish there were enough resources to follow up every lead. It's frustrating to say the least that so much is known about this case and yet it hasn't been solved.


  15. Oops…I see that forgot to sign my last message. That was me…Cindy. I should set up a profile one of these days…Cindy


  16. HI Sharon, Just wanted to know if you are familiar with the Mikelle Biggs case. She was kidnapped in 1999 in Az and like Michaela still hasnt been found. She reminds me so much of Michaela.


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