Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Michaela. You are my first child, long desired. You made me a mommy. Yours is the first little hand that wrapped itself around my finger, the first one to say the word “mama” and mean me. You were the first one to take a piece of my heart to carry around outside my body. I can still see your big blue eyes, looking up at me with so much trust. And now, of course, my own eyes are filling with tears and my heart aches with the sorrow of not being able to live up to that trust. I remember when Johnna was a baby, she was fussy, and I was soothing her, saying, “It’s okay. Mommy is here. I love you. I will take care of you. I will protect you.” But then I stopped and my eyes filled as I said to her, “Well, I was not able to do that for your sister, was I?”

But I love you, my dear sweet child. I know you far from being a child now, but to me you will always be, just as all your brothers and sisters are. I am always your mother, will always love you, will always care for you, will always do everything in my power to help you and protect you. I only wish there was more I could do.

Someone interviewed me the other day about Mother’s Day, and I told her that you were always present with us, that the whole family was always aware of you at every holiday. Here is some solid evidence of this. I woke up this morning to find this gift from Robbie on my car.

My Mother’s Day gift from Robbie.

I previously had bumper stickers made, but they faded terribly. This will never fade. It will always stay bright, like my hope for you, and my love for you. But I have actually already planned how I could make a sticker that says “found” and place it over “missing.” May that day come soon.

I always end my entries with a line from this book, which we used to read together. But perhaps I should include the whole thing. Love is something unconditional, that can never be damaged. But it is equally important for you to know that I like you forever also, whatever you may have been through.

I love you forever, Michaela.
I like you for always.
As long as I’m living,
my baby you’ll be.


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  1. Dear Sharon, sympathies first of all! NO ONE should have to go through all of this.Secondly, you mentioned that you received hints that your daughter may be in UAE. Have you contacted the UAE CID (Criminal Investigation)? They are extremely efficient! Have they actually searched for her in UAE?Much love xx


  2. I am not aware of UAE CID. How would I get in touch with them? Our investigator contacted a missing children's task force, the FBI, and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and it was my impression they just ran into a wall. The National Center contacted the US embassies in the UAE. But the thing is, there isn't tell anything solid for us to investigate. The man who initially gave me the information suddenly came down with complete amnesia when he was contacted. He was in Russia, and I work with an attorney from Russia who got in touch with him. If we ever got more specific in formation, like where she is or who she is with, we would probably want to get some local law enforcement involved, but if we just say we have a girl who has been missing for 25 years who might be somewhere in your country, is there anything they could do?I just hope for the break we need, which is for Michaela to get in touch with us, or for one of these people who appears to have actual information, to give us what we need to try to find her. But I do thank you for the suggestion, and if you could give me more information I'd appreciate it.


  3. Yes, I do understand your point! I should've thought of that before commenting. The only thing we need is a SOLID base that we can work on & then everything is going to be a bit easier. I am keeping a look-out for anything related to her! Stay strong xx


  4. Thank you. The thing I have been trying to achieve in the UAE is actually media coverage for Michaela's story and my blog, to try to get word out to Michaela or to someone who knows something, who could help us.


  5. Okay, I know this may sound slightly dumb. Whatever I post seems to sound weird AFTER I post a comment but I'm still going to give it a try. Whenever you're free and have time for a little vacay, what if you go to UAE & take a little tour of the centres that are there built for Trafficked Women? Perhaps if you explained to the management your story, they could allow you to meet the victims? What IF is all I'm saying. xxhttp://www.shwc.ae/Default.aspxhttp://www.nccht.gov.ae/en/home/index.aspx


  6. You are in my thoughts Sharon. I'll pray for precios Michaela and her safe return to her family one day. As long as life goes on there are still a chance for a miracle. Keep on fighting..


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