Michaela, there is hope! Here is an example of three girls who were kidnapping victims, who had been held for a long time, but today, one of those girls decided to get help. And help was there. Help will be there for you, too, my sweetheart. Keep your eye out for it.

“Yes, I am Amanda Berry.” Do you know how incredible those words were to the person who heard them? “Yes, I am Michaela Garecht.” Those are some of the most powerful, most beautiful words in the world. Oh, how the world longs to hear them.

Love you forever, Michaela.


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  1. I fully agree Sharon. These cases are happening more and more and I hope that people who have information on Michaela be hero's and get her help.-Rod R.


  2. when i heard some girls were found who'd been missing several years, i hoped beyond hope that it was your Michaela. still, i am of course thrilled that these families are tonight holding the daughters/sisters/etc. they lost over a decade ago. here's hoping that this will lead to the same sort of renewed interest that followed after Jaycee was found… maybe this will help bring Michaela (or other missing kids) home. who knows, perhaps hearing of the families' joy at being reunited will be seen by adults kidnapped as children. maybe it will encourage them to take the seemingly-impossible step of contacting authorities or finding another way to contact some help, or their families. maybe Michaela will see it. and maybe she'll come home.praying for you & your family tonight. and for Michaela, of course. as always. and tonight, i will be praying especially that if she's out there watching, this will be the thing that prompts her to take that step, end this nightmare, and come home.


  3. The minute I heard this story on the news I thought of Michaela. I hoped one of the girls would be her because I was hearing from an “inside source” that there was a fourth girl. I believe the fourth girl turned out to be the little girl with the older three girls. Still, what a wonderful story of hope! Anything can happen and there is always hope! Michaela is always in my heart and prayers!


  4. i just read that there are unconfirmed reports of one of the women having had a child during her time in captivity. they haven't named the father, but one would imagine it is the kidnapper – or, at the very least, someone else who raped her. (again, i'm just guessing, but it doesn't make sense to think anything else – like the kidnapper decided she could have a boyfriend? and she never told him or escaped with him? doesn't add up.) anyway, i know you've occasionally mentioned that you would accept any children Michaela has. just a thought… maybe now would be a great time for you to remind her of that. if these reports are confirmed in the coming days, perhaps she'll be looking for that specifically in your posts. like i said, you've written about it before… i'm just trying to imagine what i would be thinking and/or doing if i hadn't come home after my month held in mexico against my will at age 13. and if i had kids, that's what i would need to know most of all.


  5. Hi Sharon,I've never lost hope for Michaela and this story has made my hope even STRONGER. I've been praying for about 3 years for justice for all the abducted children all over the world and for them to be found and come home to their families. Continuing to pray for all these children and their families. I will always have hope for Michaela. Michaela I pray for and open door and you will be able to feel safe and find your way out and fall into the loving arms of your Mother and your family.Love youfrom Thelma Mandera


  6. When you find Michaela she is going to have a lot of beautiful letters to read, if she hasn't already read them!When I was listening to John Walsh commenting on this recent case, he said the hardest part for the parent is the “not knowing” and I thought of you.Something will come soon. Stay strong.Diana


  7. Sharon, my first thought when I heard about this was “Please, God, let Michaela be the next one to be found safe.”Hoping, praying and wishing with you. Julie


  8. Such wonderful news to hear when missing girls are found. There will always be hope for Michaela! I hope and pray really soon! Crazy idea here, but have you ever tried talking to a really good physic medium?


  9. I can remember during my search and when the news would come out that someone else's loved one had been found there was always that moment when I would be happy for the other family but think when is it my turn?…exactly at the same time, in the same breath. My mind went to you Sharon when I heard the news about these young women being found. Bittersweet news for all the other families of the missing. Faith resides in the belief that some day Michaela's voice will strongly proclaim the answer, whatever the answer may be. Until that time Sharon know I'm here for you. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.~ Maureen Reintjes


  10. My heart is full of joy today! I am so happy for the women and their family and loved ones!My fervent hope is that this news will inspire other abducted women to make a break for freedom. Elizabeth Smart said shame over abuse and rape can be paralyzing and may explain why many human trafficking victims don't run.“Why didn’t you run? Or why didn’t you scream? I think it goes even beyond fear. For so many children, especially in sex trafficking, it’s feelings of self-worth. It’s feeling like who would ever want me now? I’m worthless,” said Smart, according to CBS in Baltimore.Michaela–wherever you are, know that your mom loves you forever!!!!“I'll love you forever,I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.” ― Robert N. Munsch, Love You Forever


  11. “Im here, Im free now.” I hope with all my heart you hear these words some day soon. I am in awe of your strength, and your ability to always keep hope alive.


  12. This is such wonderful news, Sharon. It gives us all hope that Michaela will be found. Michaela, there are so many of us out here waiting for you to be found, to be reunited with your family that loves you so very deeply. Cindy


  13. What a wonderful Mother you are—your love and dedication is such an inspiration. I am praying so very hard for Michaela to come home to her Mama!!!


  14. There is hope…. you are a very strong Mother. I am praying for Michaela's safe return! God bless you and your family.


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