The test results are in….

This is not going to be a long post, but I wanted to let you know that the results of the tests on the bone are in.  The bone fragment is not Michaela’s.  It has been identified as belonging to Kimberly Billy.  Kimberly is already known to be one of the victims of the Speed Freak Killers. Her remains were recovered from the well and have already been returned to her family — just some of the bones were intermingled with Jo Ann Hobson’s. The upside of all this is that there isn’t some unsuspecting family learning this evening that their missing child has been found.  Kimberly was not a child, by the way. She was 19 years old when she disappeared in December 1984. She was still someone’s little girl, of course. I’m just referring to the fact that the bone was said to belong to a child between the ages of 5 and 13, and it turns out it didn’t.

I just got home from the police department, and it’s going to take me awhile to sort through my feelings, I’m sure. I will write more about this at a later date. Right now they are a little mixed. Yes, there is a degree of disappointment that the answer as to what happened to Michaela have eluded us once again — and also the feeling of frustration about the possibility of ever, ever having the answers. But the Hayward Police Department is working hard on the case, and they do believe that they will be able to get those answers.

The overriding feeling I experienced, though, was a sense of relief. I felt a weight lift as I sat in that room at the police department. Just a whisper of relief.

I will be back to post again once everything has settled in. Meanwhile, thanks for your support as always. And Michaela, if you are out there, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!

I love you forever.


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  1. Sharon, once again you are in that place…..waiting, wondering, hoping, searching and most of all needing to know…needing closer. It has been four years that I have come here and checked at least weekly to see what is happening. I pray all the time for you and Michaela. I remember her as I would myself at that age. I think of where I was in my life on the same day, at the same time. Why, I don't know. I was 23 when she was taken, and unaware of the kidnapping. I'm 48 today and the mother of three, including a 14 year old daughter. You and her are in my heart and thoughts always. I have to say my only thought with Herzog is this….his eyes. I can't let go of photos of him verses the drawing Katrina gave….those eyes are striking. Paula


  2. I didn't think so either, but I always wanted to ask. When I started to watch Unsolved Mysteries cases once again I went on the UM wikipedia and saw that and to see If Michaela had been found :[ .


  3. Just checked in and read these results. I am praying for you and thinking of you, Sharon, as you take time to process all of this. We are all thinking of you and supporting you. And we are all always thinking of and praying for Michaela.


  4. Hello Sharon my head is still swimming! I'm hoping your well. My mother said she would like you call when your up to it. If you need the #just let me know. Not sure what the next step is. But just hope the FBI come up with some results. Your always in my thoughts, yours and my mother's strenght is what I draw my strenght from every day. Take careMichelle Loftis


  5. Thanks Michelle, and thank your mom. I would appreciate it if you'd give me a bit though. I'm just feeling too tired to talk on the phone right now, although I do appreciate your mom reaching out to me.


  6. Hugs and blessing to you Sharon. It is been such a horrible time for you. I'm so thankful that the FBI will be involved going forward. This could have been avoided if the bones had been more carefully handled and identified during the process of working the known victims. You've suffered for that mismangement. I pray for you often.


  7. Sharon, I have been following your story for many years and have even spoke to you on the phone. My name is Nancy but you probably do not remember speaking to me. It was long ago. I just have a question.Somewhere along the line I missed how the police found out about the Speed Freak Killers and how they came to investigate Herzog and Shermantine.


  8. Both Katie and Sarah are remarkable and amazing. Katie had a horrible life even before she was kidnapped and has managed to grow into a lovely woman with a husband and kids of her own. I am wishing the same for Sarah. From what I know about Michaela, she too, was wise beyond her years and I know in my heart that she is a survivor.


  9. Happy Birthday, Michaela. Hope lives that somewhere, you're alive. That one day you'll reunite with your mom, making her birthday wish and so many others since you've been gone come true. If it's not to be in this life, Michaela, then in Heaven.Thoughts and prayers for both of you. Love you, Sharon. Carol


  10. I have been following your blogs for months now. IF the bone was your daughters, then finally you would have had closure. Keep hope alive. Your dedication is incredible. It must be frustrating not knowing. I really hope and pray that she is still alive and you find each other.


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