Good News!

The FBI had a press conference this morning in Sacramento, and I actually haven’t had a chance to even watch the coverage of it myself because I’ve had so many reporters coming and going from my house. But the FBI has begun excavation of the second well that Shermantine had pointed out, which is very close to the first well in Linden. Again, I don’t have confirmed details, but the reporters who visited my home told me that the FBI is in charge of this, that they will be out there working for five hours a day until it is finished, and that everything removed from the well will be sent to FBI headquarters in Quantico for proper identification.

Thank God!

I do not know whether the FBI has taken over the entire investigation. I would really like to see them take possession of everything that was taken out of the first well.

Meanwhile, we continue to wait.

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  1. I got so hopeful from the title that this blog would say the bone isn't Michaela's, I really don't want it to be! Praying that she's alive and well somewhere and praying for her long overdue homecoming, I don't even know Michaela but I love her from the bottom of my heart


  2. Was thinking of you & your family as I watched the conference. I was fighting within myself (as i have before,ever since I found out Michaela might be linked to this) to pray because I dont feel I can pray one way or the other. So I pray for those innocent bones & all their families to find each other. You & yours are continously in my thoughts & prayers. ((((Hugs))))


  3. That is great news. Still hoping the bone is not Michaela, but this will do in the meantime.After reading your blog yesterday I did a search of how this investigation has been handled by the Sheriff and it gets more and more disturbing. The man is Nuts and an egomaniac. But I guess I dont need to tell you that!I hope the FBI takes over everything!Rod R.


  4. Great news. I saw the title of this blog and for a moment my heart skipped a beat. I'm so glad the victims will now finally have a chance to be identified. And I hope this is the beginning of Sheriff Psychos exit.


  5. I've been concerned about you and Michaela all day because I had not seen you post. This is GREAT NEWS!!!! I imagine the credit somehow goes to Cathleen Galgiani, and I was certain there had to be things happening behind the scene. And this I am sure of, she is not going to let this go. DANYA


  6. That is the best news I have heard in a long time…Hooray.. The families and victims did not deserve to have their families remains treated with such disrespect. How would that sheriff handled the case had it been his daughter down in the well? His daughter that he had waited years to find? I cannot believe that he was such an Ass. Now I am so relieved to know that families will get the answer they are looking for. If nothing else they will get the bones back of their loved ones and they will not be in thousands of pieces. This is a great day indeed. Thank you so much Sharon for keeping us all informed, and sharing all the updates. My prayers and thoughts are with you daily.Edel


  7. I'm glad the FBI has finally gotten involved. The process of identifying those bones will go much smoother with them behind it. I'm not gonna pray for one outcome or another. I'm just going to pray you are given an outcome of some kind. After all of these years of waiting patiently, and receiving only dead ends, you deserve an answer.


  8. So glad to hear that the FBI will be doing this. I'm sure they'll be more respectful than what we've seen there previously. You and Michaela continue to be in my prayers.


  9. Oh my gosh, that is such wonderful news. This whole disaster has been weighing so heavily on my mind. After the last post you made, I was motivated to write a letter, but I wasn't sure how much it would resonate since I live in another state. Only recently did I come across Michaela's story and not even sure how I did. Just letting you know that one more person knows her/yours story and will be here with you as you travel down this road.Janet


  10. Hi Sharon,My thoughts and prayers remain with you. Do you know of a link to this story by any chance? I couldn't find anything, and don't see anything about it here in the southeast.ThanksDiana


  11. Glad to hear the FBI is taking over. I hope families can now get answers in a timely manner. I will also hope that the FBI takes over the previous findings, considering the mistakes that were made.


  12. I just heard the news. I feel so bad the bone didn't belong to Michaela – but same time reliefed that it turned out this way. Michaela is still somewhere out there. Heartbreaking after all. Stay strong.


  13. Sharon, Do you know approximately how long it will take to get the results of the new excavation. Has anyone set a time frame.


  14. Hi Sharon,I started following your blog shortly after you started it. I've had a question for you for sometime, I was just never sure where to post it. Several different blog post I have seen you post something to the effect if Michaela is still alive and sees your blog to please leave something letting you know she is alive and well. Between your family code word & various other things I am sure there are a whole list of things she could say to you to give you 99.9% or even 100% confirmation the person leaving the comment is in fact Michaela. As a mother myself, I can't help but wonder if that would make things better or worse for you. I apologize if I come across as negative or insensitive, that is not my intention. As a parent, I would want answers regardless of the outcome. I know for myself, I would be relieved my child was alive and well after all these years. However it would make it worse knowing she was alive and well and for whatever reason electing not to come forward except to leave some random comment containing our family codeword. Its clear from reading your blog your love for your daughter and keeping hope alive. As a mother, I honestly don't know if I would have been able to survive what you have been through let alone keep an active online presence as long as you have about all of this. Maybe its just me, just seems that receiving nothing more than confirmation from Michaela herself she was alive, period, would NOT be enough for you. Would you honestly be “content” with a comment from Michaela confirming she was alive, end of story no strings attached? Again, I don't mean to sound insensitive, negative or rude. I'm not that good at witting letters/leaving comments and reading someone's else written words can sometimes come across the wrong way or in a manner that wasn't intended, which is why I have never left a comment on your blog before. I was just curious on your thoughts if you ever did get some kind of “confirmation” post, email, phone call from Michaela. Mom in Kansas City


  15. I think my most recent blog, posted on Michaela's birthday, would shed some light on that question. My realizations have dawned as slow as molasses over the years, but there are some reasons that are understandable as to why Michaela would not want to or be able to come home — quite a few, in fact. And of course I would want to hear from her, under any and all circumstances.


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