Merry Christmas, Michaela

Today is Christmas, and although I am enjoying the holiday with family, there are many people who are not here, who I miss greatly. My son, Alex, lives a few hours away with his family, including his three little girls. I talked to them on the phone a little while ago, but it would be so much fun to be able to spend the holiday together! My mother, who left us eight years ago … I miss her so much!

But the person I miss most of all is you, Michaela. You are here with us in our hearts, always a presence in our lives, every day including Christmas. But … well, where are you? Are you still alive? What do you do on Christmas? Is there someone to love you and buy you gifts? The day you were kidnapped was not long before Christmas, only a little over a month….

This week I am supposed to receive news. I have no idea, no inclination, what it will be. But if it this bone is not you, if you are still alive, if you read these words, I just beg you please to make contact with me. You can do it anonymously by leaving messages on this blog if you are not comfortable revealing where you and and who you are with. I really just want to know that you are okay.

So … Merry Christmas, Michaela, wherever you are. Remember, I love you forever.

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  1. Sharon there is 1 out of 10 most likely more chances that the bone is not Michaela Chirs Andrew Cunnigham 6, went missing with his mother on July 9, 1987 from Chino, CaPatrick Shawn Betz 11, went missing Jan 20, 1988 from Upland, Ca. Elaina Eugenia Rivera 13Missing since June 26, 1987 from Ramona, Ca. Shaliegh Sharrie Phillips 12,Missing since February 12, 1988 from El Cajon, Ca. Amber Swartz-Garcia 7,Missing since June 3, 1988 Ilene Beth Misheloff 13, Missing since January 30, 1989 from Dublin Amanda Marie Rivera 14, Missing since October 5, 1990 from La Mesa, CaliforniaJennifer Lee Martin Missing since June 28, 1987 from Reno, Washoe County, Nevada. 11Lloyd Michael Reese Missing since June 3, 1985 from Salt Lake City, Utah 14. SPK claimed to have killed In Utah and Nevada.


  2. Shelly,That information gives me alot more families to keep in my thoughts and prayers right now. I'm sure they are all very stressed waiting for these results as well. Thanks for sharing their childrens names with all of us. I believe these men are responsible for more than we may ever know, but each victim recovered is the end of one more families torture.Danya


  3. Most are in southern California, and one is a parental abduction. The police department on Amber Swartz case has officially closed the case, but I personally don't think it has been solved yet.


  4. Do you know the name of these cases? specially the parental abduction ? Sharon i wonder if Antreas Chester Cantrell 9, who was presumed to have drowned after a boating accident in 1988 Lake Shasta. I wonder if Tara Calico is in there as well.


  5. I didn't know them all, but they are easy to look up at the National Center database or other locations. I don't know what you mean by “in there”? This was a list that a reader posted. Do you mean are they in the DNA database? That I couldn't answer. If they don't get a name from the tests and the database, then I'm sure they will start looking farther, and at that point if anybody suggests any names I will pass them on.I personally, perhaps just because I don't know what I'm talking about, still leave a small room for doubt as to whether or not it is a child's bone. If I was 100 percent convinced it was a child's bone, I'd probably be 98 percent convinced it's likely to be Michaela's. As it is, I am more than 50 percent inclined to think it is, for a number of reasons. But hopefully we will find out … well, one of these days.


  6. Sharon, I have been following this case for many, many years. As it so happens, I now have a daughter who just turned 9 this past September, as well as a 6 year old boy. I am beyond over-protective of my children, because I know the evil that lurks in this place called earth. I am sometimes called “over-protective” by well meaning people who for some reason or another, are oblivious to the things that actually happen in real life, to real people, like you and your family. Your daughters case, as well as that of Amber Hagerman, have hit me the hardest.. and I often find myself fantasizing about getting the people that did these despicable things in a room, just me and them.. the things that I would do to them. I'm sorry, the pain that I feel just imagining what people like you go through is so incomprehensible, that I long to alleviate your suffering (though I know that that is not possible). Having said all of that, please forgive those of us, who are “dying” to know whether or not that bone fragment is that of your precious, precious angel. I look everyday, still, no news. I am so sorry for what has happened to you. Crime, to an extent, can be “understood”, because we are flawed humans.. but crimes against children, I cannot even begin to comprehend. The word incomprehensible doesn't even come close. God Bless you Sharon. I think of your daughter often. John


  7. Oh, no. It's one of the big mysteries in my life, just what they took out of the well. San Joaquin Sheriff reports that they found the remains of three people and a fetus in the well, with one adult woman and the fetus remaining unidentified. However, this is obviously not the case, as we know from the bones intermingled with Jo Ann Hobson's. At this point nobody on earth knows exactly what they have there in San Joaquin. Jo Ann Hobson's family was allowed to see SOME of the property that was taken out. Apparently there were a lot of shoes. There are also other sites that Shermantine has pointed out which have not been excavated at all. Don't ask me why this is. It's another of the mysteries in this investigation. Like I said, the Sheriff in San Joaquin has lost sight of what this is all about, of the families who so desperately need to know what happened to their loved ones. He could have been a hero in this case. Instead, he seems to have chosen to be a roadblock to the answers we seek. And again, nobody knows why.


  8. Sharon I'm not sure who this Michelle but it is not JoAnn's sister Michelle Loftis although we all are victims too by wes, loren and the sheriff's office.michelle Loftis


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