Sandy Hook shootings

Yesterday a young man shot his mother, then went to an elementary school and killed, I believe, 28 people, most of whom were children between the ages of 5 and 10. Looking at the photos of the family members’ grief reached deep down in my own heart. For all the victims, for all the families … well, there is nothing I can do, nothing I can say. It’s a waste, a tragic and heartbreaking waste. I offer you my love, my heart, but nothing will ever begin to make up for the loss, I know.

After killing all those people, the killer turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. In the last 24 hours I keep being beset by this image of these spirits, ejected suddenly from their bodies, mingling for a moment at the scene, the killer among the innocent children, unable to turn away from the reality of what he had done.

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  1. Sharon, It's been confirmed that the slain children were all 6 and 7-year-olds. First graders with their entire lives ahead of them. Even though we don't know exactly what happened to Michaela, I wonder about these people who make a conscious decision to set out and destroy other peoples' lives. Whether it's by pulling a trigger or kidnapping your beautiful daughter, Michaela, why did these people feel they had the right to visit their depravity on others? There is a part of me that wants to believe these people did not, could not, even begin to comprehend the full extent of the devastation they were about to cause. That, if they could see the faces of the grieving parents on the news beforehand, no one in their right mind could perpetrate such heinous crimes. But perhaps that is the key phrase here: No one in their right mind. The coverage of the shooting has been utterly heartbreaking to watch, so I apologize for rambling… As always, Michaela is in my thoughts. We are waiting with you for any news. – Julia


  2. Hello Sharon, what happened was a terrible tragedy, and it broke a lot of hearts. But this is not the first time something so horrible has happened in the United States, and it makes me wonder why the children are not more protected? People say that a harsher law for guns should be made, I don't think that's the answer. Crazy people will always find a way to get a hold of a gun. I live in Mexico, and those kinds of things do not happen in our schools. Yes we have a big drug war that is killing thousands of people each month, but the people that are killed are mostly adult men involved in the drug cartels.Our schools are very well guarded, with gates circling the schools and there are strict policies as to who can access the schools. Our kindergardners and elemantary school kids are the ones that are the most guarded. My son's kindergarden closes it's gate and NO ONE is allowed inside until the parents have to pick them up. Why weren't these six year old children protected? Why was a crazy lunatic heavily armed allowed to just walk freely into the school? It makes me mad to know that the schools over there are not guarded enough! This can easily happen again! All those little children… it makes me so sad!


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