I am still alive.

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted. I have not even updated the blog with photos or information from the anniversary. Even I have a difficult time acknowledging the amount of stress I have been experiencing, but I am becoming very aware of it, through the way it has been impacting the rest of my life. The fact is that I have just not had energy to put out. Instead I have been taking in — reading, watching television shows. I usually spend the entire day attached to facebook one way or the other, but even that has fallen off to a large extent.

But anyway, still no news. The testing has begun, so the answers could come as soon as this week, or as late as early next year. I will let you know.

Thanks for your continued support.

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  1. Thanks for the quick update. I've noticed you haven't been on FB much and I've been thinking of you, but didn't want to pry. Sending love and strength your way for when you do receive the news – we all know its not going to be easy no matter what the outcome. Just remember there are lots of people that care about you.


  2. If itisher I hope you sue the crap out the ones who are responsible for not checking into it further if it wasn't for that woman omg no one would have ever known. Unreal.


  3. Sharon i have been thinking about you too. I know you will handle the outcome of the result with grace. I also feel you'll get those answers by years end. At times I too feel not knowing about JoAnn would have be best. But then if we didn't, there wouldn't be closure for the other families . Having to deal with this has been truly life changing. My love for JoAnn still beats strong in my heart. I know she is helping everyone whether we know it or not through my mothers refusal to just accept what was given to her. I do want to know what your child was wearing just in case some of the articles that the detective showed us might be one of your childs. One burning question was did she leave wearing a jacket? if so what color? I am not opposed to asking to see all items recovered from the well and if you need me to i will stand next to you to hold your hand if you go to look at the items too. You have my info so let me know the answers to the questions and if you need me. Take care! Michelle Loftis


  4. Thank you, Michelle. She was not wearing a jacket. She was wearing cut-off jeans (to shorts which went to just above her knee), a tee-shirt that said “Metro” on it with people with blank faces, and black canvas Mary Jane shoes. I hope your family is doing as well as possible. Love to your mom.


  5. We're doing fine. I'll look for the shirt and shorts when i get to view the articles. I'll get back to you soon. I'll tell my mom what you said. Wishing you peace and serenity. Michelle


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